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‘The Challenge’ Recap: A Veteran Player Is Sent Home After Finally Nominating Herself For Elimination

Tensions are high as three girls fight to go into elimination and win to earn their red skull on the June 24 episode of 'The Challenge' -- and only one gets the job done!

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On the June 24 episode of The Challenge: Total Madness, there are just three girls left without a red skull: Nany, Bayleigh and Melissa. Of course, players without a red skull cannot run the final if they make it to the end of the game, so all three women are itching to get into an elimination and earn their red skull. Meanwhile, Nany’s friendship with Kaycee is blossoming.

Even though Kaycee has a girlfriend at home, the ladies start getting flirty, and Nany even admits that the rookie has all of the qualities that she looks for in a ‘soulmate.’ However, when some of the housemates call Kaycee out for her flirtatious behavior, Kaycee insists that she and Nany nothing more than friends. Needless to say…nobody is convinced that it’s strictly platonic!

nany melissa the challenge

At this week’s challenge, the players are split into two teams of seven, which are randomly selected. The teams have to move cars around to free a colored car in the middle. At the end of the challenge, there’s only a 13 second difference between the teams. The players on the winning team are: Nany, Rogan, Johnny Bananas, Aneesa, Josh, Cory and Jenny, and all seven of them make up the tribunal. Nany is thrilled about this, as it will give her the opportunity to automatically throw herself into the elimination.

However, the fate of the ladies on the losing team is in that of their teammates, who have to vote one player into the elimination. Obviously, Bayleigh and Melissa are both hoping to earn that vote. Kaycee knows she’s the deciding vote on the losing team, and Nany lets her know that she’d prefer to go against Melissa. This puts Kaycee in a tough position, as she has a history with Bayleigh since they were on Big Brother together.

As predicted, the vote comes down to Kaycee, and Melissa is voted into elimination. Afterward, Bayleigh is obviously upset, and she has a bit of a breakdown, but Nelson is able to calm her down. Still, she makes no secret of the fact that she’s pissed at Kaycee, and threatens to expose Kaycee’s flirty behavior to her girlfriend back home. A blowout fight between Kaycee and Bayleigh ensues, and Nany eventually gets involved, too.

At the elimination, Nany nominates herself to go in against Melissa. In the challenge, the ladies each wear jumpsuits with five red skulls attached to them. To win, they have to take all five red skulls off of their opponent’s jumpsuit. It’s a hard-fought battle, but in the end, Melissa wins, and Nany is eliminated.