T.I. & Tiny Talk Marriage On ‘Friends & Family Hustle’ Finale — Recap – Hollywood Life

‘Friends & Family Hustle’: T.I. & Tiny Reveal How They Make Their Marriage Work After 10 Years

On the June 29 finale of 'Friends & Family Hustle', T.I. and Tiny revealed what they love most about each other, and shared their secrets to making their marriage work.

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Despite going through some tough times in the past, T.I. and Tameka “Tiny” Harris relationship is better than ever. This was evident on the most recent season of T.I. & Tiny: Friends & Family Hustle, which aired its finale on June 29. “My relationship with Tameka has grown stronger over the years,” T.I. admitted during the episode. “It’s grown exponentially stronger.”

The artists started dating in 2011, and got married in 2010. Together, they have three children. “I’ve learned how to love him harder and appreciate him [over the years],” Tiny explained on Friends & Family Hustle, while Tip added, “She brings out the best in me.” T.I. and Tiny have overcome many relationship issues, including a near-divorce in 2016. T.I. has admittedly cheated on Tiny, too, but they’ve managed to get through all of that and get to where they are today.

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“I’m gonna tell you all the key to marriage,” T.I. said. “I try not to let other people’s problems become our problems. The world could fall apart, but as long as we are straight, then it’s all good. You have to deal with your issues in house with your partner, because that’s the person you got to lay down with.” Tiny admitted that her relationship with T.I. is a “work in progress, every day,” but clearly, it’s worth it!
ti and tiny
The longtime lovers also revealed what they love most about each other during the June 29 finale “I like that he’s so nurturing when he wants to be and considerate when he wants to be,” Tiny gushed. T.I. said, “What’s there not to love? I love that she’s incredibly daring, she’s self-motivated, she’s extremely talented.” For good measure, he also included, “And I love that butt!”

During the episode, T.I. also explained that he and his daughter, Deyjah Harris, finally had a private conversation regarding his controversial interview, where he discussed taking Deyjah to the gynecologist to “check” her hymen. “Me and Deyjah had a lot of healthy dialogue,” he said. “Even though it’s private, I’ll say, it’s all for the same purpose of making sure that the Harris family stays tight.” There’s no denying that this family will always have each other’s backs!