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Jamie Foxx, 52, Gives A Glimpse Of His Buff New Body As He Gears Up To Play Mike Tyson — Watch

Jamie Foxx proved he's putting in the work to transform his body when he offered fans a glimpse at his new buff physique for an upcoming movie role.

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Actor Jamie Foxx is gearing up for perhaps his most iconic movie role yet: boxing legend Mike Tyson. The 52-year-old Academy Award winner is set to portray the sporting icon in an upcoming biopic, and he’s already getting in shape! During an episode of Catching Up with Mark Birnbaum on Instagram, Jamie gave fans their first look at his new bulked-up frame, and he’s certainly looking the part.

He revealed that he’s willing to put in the work to transform his physique, explaining that his daily workout routine now includes 60 pull ups, 60 dips, and 100 push ups. “It’s changing the body. Top half,” he said. But as for the lower part of his body? “I ain’t got no legs, I ain’t got no calf muscles so we’re gonna have to get some prosthetics for that,” he joked.

jamie foxx
Jamie Foxx has a buff new body. Image: Richard Shotwell/Invision/AP/Shutterstock

Jamie also said he hoped to weigh 216 pounds when the biopic begins filming, but plans to “balloon to 225, 230 which will look like 250 on screen,” during the shooting process, as he transitions from portraying young Mike to old Mike.

When he isn’t hitting the gym, getting in his 100 push ups per day, Jamie has been outspoken about the Black Lives Matter movement. He even lent his voice to a rally at San Francisco’s city hall on June 1, singing with his fellow protesters during the ‘kneel-in’ demonstration. The Ray actor took to the podium during the protest and sang the verse from Isaiah 54:17. “No weapons formed against me, shall prosper, it won’t work. No weapons formed against me shall prosper.”

He shared pictures of him and his 11-year-old daughterAnalise Bishop, attending a protest in Hollywood. Jamie wore a shirt bearing the image of Trayvon Martin, the 17-year-old who was shot and killed by George Zimmerman in 2012. “Having my kids with me at the protest was bittersweet. Having them watch the world come together was beautiful… But having to explain to them why we were all there was heartbreaking… let’s change the world so they don’t have to live in it the way we have been…” he said.