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Mama June Shannon Admits To Using ‘$2,500’ Of Meth ‘A Day’: Geno & I ‘Were Broke’ — Watch

Mama June opened up about her past drug use -- including meth and prescription pain meds -- admitting to her daughter Pumpkin that she got high because she 'wanted to.'

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Mama June Shannon, 40, revealed shocking details about her history with drugs. “Our habit was $2,500 a day, if not more…it was a couple ounces a day,” she said of her and boyfriend Geno Daok‘s use of methamphetamine — commonly known as meth — during an emotional conversation with her daughter Lauryn “Pumpkin” Shannon, 20, on Mama June: Family Crisis. “The only reason I sold the house, we was dead f—ing broke…because you know at that point we was doing quite a bit,” June admitted.

The star went on to detail other drugs she abused, including anxiety medication Xanax — which helps manage panic disorders — and prescription pain pills Fioricet, mainly used to treat severe headaches. “It wasn’t something that just started, and oh my God, I started using drugs, you found out that I got busted. It wasn’t. I got high because I wanted to,” June also told her daughter. “It’s not the first time I’ve ever done drugs, and you know that.”

Mama June
Mama June recently opened up about her past drug abuse, including spending $2500 a day to fund her addiction. (Shutterstock)

Pumpkin appeared relieved at her mom taking a positive step forward. “This has been the first time since we’ve been older that you’ve ever been strung out,” the 20-year-old confessed. “The thing is like, you can’t get clean and then Geno not get f—– clean,” Pumpkin added, referencing Geno’s on-going drug problems. “I’m at the point of like I’m kind of done with him. I don’t like the way that he has treated you,” she also told her mom.

Pumpkin went on, “I don’t even understand quite honestly why you are still with him. He has done you dirty, like he came into the house and then it was like he was pushing me out.” The reality star has stepped up protect her younger sister Alana “Honey Boo Boo,” now 14, and 2-year-old daughter Ella. “You have to understand too, like I can’t have Ella and Alana around that,” she explained.

Mama June & Pumpkin
Mama June is pictured with her daughter Lauryn “Pumpkin” Shannon. (WeTV)

June was arrested in Mar. 2019 on drug paraphernalia charges and possession of a controlled substance, while her boyfriend Geno was charged with the same, in addition to being charged with third-degree domestic violence. The mom-of-four recently checked into rehab after testing positive for cocaine. It turned out that an excessive amount of cold medication could lead to the same result, and June quickly agreed to re-test to prove she was, indeed, three months sober.

“I promise you, for the last couple months we have been, I would say, 90 percent good,” Mama June promised Pumpkin through tears. “If this was four or five months ago, I would have been high as f— when I came up in here,” she also said.