‘Mama June: Family Crisis’ Recap: June Enters Rehab After She Tests ‘Positive For Cocaine’

After admitting that she and boyfriend Geno Doak used to spend $2500 per day on drugs, Mama June finally agreed to seek treatment during the June 12 episode of 'Family Crisis'.

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Mama June
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Mama June and Pumpkin engaged in an intense face-off during the June 12 episode of Mama June: Family Crisis, and things became so heated that June eventually broke down in tears. It all started when Pumpkin requested a private reunion with her mother. And the reunion came after a six-month separation between June and her family, so emotions were at an all-time high. But Pumpkin didn’t let her emotions stop her from asking the tough questions.

For example, Pumpkin asked June why she sold her house (she said she was broke and had to sell it to stay afloat), and why she was still with Geno Doak if he physically hurt her, as she previously told the police (June said he never hurt her, and she couldn’t remember calling the police).

June later claimed that she was three months sober, and had only been using Xanax recently to calm her nerves. She also was fully willing to take a drug test to prove she was clean, but after peeing in a cup, Dr. Ish revealed there was both “good news” and “bad news”. The good news was that the Xanax she had been taking was no longer in her system, but the bad news was that she tested positive for having cocaine in her system.

Upon finding this out, June immediately broke down in tears and swore she was clean and sober. “I will take a blood test, I will take five of those,” June said, crying. “I want to take a blood test to prove that I am not [using].” She said it had been three months since she used cocaine and since Dr. Ish said that sometimes an excessive about of cold medicine could lead to a positive cocaine reading on a drug screening, he’d send it into a lab for a better assessment. (And as a matter of fact, viewers later learned that that’s exactly what happened.)

But even so, June really wanted to reunite with her family, and Pumpkin gave her mom three steps to follow before that could happen: 1. She’d have to get a phone and keep it activated; 2. Take a weekly drug test to show she’s clean and sober; 3. Enter an in-patient rehab facility. June agreed to the first two, but would only agree to out-patient rehab because she didn’t want to give up her “freedom”.

And since Dr. Ish told Pumpkin that any treatment is better than no treatment, Pumpkin accepted June’s choice. Pumpkin even drove June to her first session, where the therapist at the facility told June that she seemed “all over the place”. She also told June that Geno’s not sober if he’s drinking beer at home — something June had been claiming throughout this week’s episode.

However, in the final few minutes of this week’s episode, June doubled down on her claim that she and Geno are both “clean”. Before the screen faded to black, she tearfully told producers, “Nobody knows what the real story is”.

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