Britney Spears ‘Finally’ Cuts Her Bangs In New Hair Makeover: See Before & After Pics

Britney Spears has been itching to get bangs for a while now. She finally underwent the big snip to get her new hairstyle, which she claimed she 'needed.'

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Britney Spears
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She did it! After Britney Spears lamented how she hadn’t worn bangs since the third grade, the pop princess is sporting the look again at the age of 38. On May 18 she wrote a long Instagram post about how finally getting bangs could make her look “younger,” and that when she pulled a few loose wisps down over her forehead, “I feel like I’m protected…almost like I’m in third grade again.” On June 15, she debuted her new bangs and fans love her hair makeover, with even some celebs coming out to praise how “cute” she looks.

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I did it I finally cut bangs 🌹🤷‍♀️💋💋💋🌸🌸🌸🙊 !!!!!!

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Next to two Instagram photos showing her new hairstyle, Britney wrote, “I did it I finally cut bangs!!!!!!” Her hair looked gorgeous, as she styled it perfectly to show off her new look. She wore her long locks partially pulled up and back, with a big chunk of her blonde hair cascading down over her left shoulder. Her bangs covered her forehead, and she had wisps to the side that helped frame her pretty face. 

Britney Spears
Britney Spears attends the Hollywood Beauty Awards in Los Angeles on Feb. 2018. The pop princess had gone without wearing bangs for most of her 20 plus year career. Photo credit: Mediapunch/Shutterstock.

Britney could be seen posing in her Thousand Oaks, CA mansion’s backyard covered patio, while wearing a tiny pink with black and white leopard print trim. Thus she was able to thrill fans with not only a new hairstyle, but photos of her incredibly tight and toned body. Fans went wild for the hair makeover, and so did celebs. Vanessa Hudgens wrote, “Cute!!!” in the comments, while Olympic silver medalist freestyle skier Gus Kenworthy proved he’s in Britney’s Army by writing in excited all-caps, “BANGS.”

Britney made her desire to get bangs known to her fans in a May 18 Instagram post. Under a photo where she took a few wisps and styled them to slightly cover her forehead, the “Slumber Party” singer wrote, “I know I need bangs!!!! Who would have thought bangs could make you look waaaaay younger?!?!”

She continued, “I stopped having bangs in the 3rd grade and I remember like it was yesterday….it was such a big deal to expose my forehead….only pretty people in the south could do that and I never felt pretty enough to pull it off. All the beauty pageant girls did it but I never felt beauty pageants were my thing…I had bad teeth and felt like an ugly duckling. I met with a modeling agency but I wasn’t pretty enough so I went home and said, ‘maybe I can be like the older girls and show my forehead!!!!'”

That act of hair rebellion stuck with Britney for years that followed. “I’ve pretty much had it like that ever since!!!!” Brit explained about going without bangs. “People choose different ways to protect themselves….when I pull my bangs in front of my head I feel like I’m protected… almost like I’m in 3rd grade again!!!” she added. Now she can feel “protected” once again with her new ‘do.