Barack Obama Celebrated As A ‘True Leader’ On Donald Trump’s 74th Birthday: He’s My ‘Real President’

As President Donald Trump celebrates his 74th birthday, people are taking to Twitter to remember Barack Obama's time in office.

While Donald Trump celebrates his 74th birthday, supporters of Barack Obama, 58, have taken to Twitter, using the hashtag “#ObamaDayJune14th”. The former POTUS may have left the White House four years ago, but his presidential conduct while in office for eight years hasn’t been forgotten, with many hailing him their “true president”. User @shawnmpatterson wrote, “I will always be thankful I voted twice for and was even alive to experience the Presidency of Barack Obama. A leader and man to admire for any nation in history.”

Trump’s birthday comes amid nationwide protests and outcry as part of the Black Lives Matter movement, following the tragic death of George Floyd. Just weeks ago he was mocked mercilessly as “Bunker Boy” after swearing up and down that he didn’t actually hide in a safe room beneath the White House on May 29 as protesters rallied for Black Lives Matter. Despite Trump’s daughter Ivanka wishing him a happy birthday, writing “Happy Birthday ⁦@realDonaldTrump⁩! Love you,” alongside a pic of her as a toddler, Twitter users were still opting to remember Obama — who was the nation’s first Black president — as a true man of the people.

“So on #ObamaDayJune14th I am remembering how relaxed and natural President Obama was with kids–all kids. Obama knew how important it was for kids–especially black children–to see the President as a friend. He was very much the nation’s dad,” Twitter user @VABVOX wrote, while others took a more lighthearted approach. “I don’t know who needs to hear this, but going from President Obama to Donald Trump was like going from an iPhone to 2 styrofoam cups and some string. #ObamaDayJune14th,” @strandjunker tweeted.

Some users, like @RogueOne1228 used the hashtag to remind people to vote. “Remember when we had a President that cared about ALL Americans and not just his base. I do. And we can have that again in November,” they tweeted, while others simply posted pics of Obama with birthday messages ahead of his actual celebration on August 4. “Happy EARLY Birthday to MY president,” user @bokuakadaily wrote.

The former President has been a positive voice throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, urging young people to use their voices to create change, and he recently spoke to the Graduating Class of 2020 with his wife and fellow Harvard grad Michelle Obama, 56, as part of YouTube’s star-studded special Dear Class of 2020. “This is a huge day for all of you!” Michelle began, reminding grads to thank their families who have helped get them to this milestone. “You still have all those people with you today…these folks deserve your love and gratitude,” she urged, as Barack reminded the class of 2020 to hug their dads, too.

“Today is the culmination of a long journey. Think back to when you were starting your first year — you were probably just hoping that by the time you got to your graduation day you found your people, learned some new skills and got yourself ready for your next step…college, grad school, your first job,” Barack continued. “You accomplished all that. Then just as you were rounding your second turn, everything stopped,” he added, referencing the outbreak of COVID-19 and subsequent quarantine.

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