Seth Rogen Applauded For Clap Backs To People Hating On His ‘Black Lives Matter’ Post  

Seth Rogen proudly supported the Black Lives Matter movement on Instagram, and individually responded to any person who was giving him hate for it in the comments section.

On June 1, Seth Rogen proudly posted a ‘Black Lives Matter’ banner on his Instagram page to support the black community following George Floyd’s death. While many people applauded him for publicly speaking out against injustice, Seth also received plenty of hate in the comments section of his post. Rather than ignore the hateful comments, though, Seth took the time to reply to dozens of them with expletive-filled messages, and fans are praising him for being so vocal.

Many haters issued the typical response to Seth’s ‘Black Live Matter’ post by claiming that ‘all lives matter’ with their comments. Some of Seth’s clap backs to those messages included, “Eat s*** and f*** you,” “F*** u,” and “F*** you stop watching my movies.” Another person wrote that they were “unfollowing” Seth for his stance, and he wrote back, “Good. Get f***ed.” For several minutes, Seth continued his comment-response spree with similar messages.

seth rogen
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It didn’t take long for the actor’s clap backs to go viral, and he received major support on Twitter for it. “Seth Rogen isn’t putting up with anyone’s bulls*** and I’m proud to say I’m a fan,” one person wrote. Someone else added, “In a world full of Karens, be a Seth Rogen,” and another fan gushed, “Seth Rogen telling people who disagree with #BlackLivesMatter to f*** off is the energy we ALL need to be coming with.”

Seth’s Black Lives Matter post came in the aftermath of George Floyd’s murder on May 25. George was killed while being handcuffed by a white police officer during an arrest in Minneapolis. The officer, Derek Chauvin, was charged with third degree murder and second-degree manslaughter after a video showed him pinning George to the ground as the 46-year-old yelled out, “I can’t breathe.”

Hundreds of celebrities have spoken out about injustice after George’s death. Many have also joined the front lines of protests throughout the country. On June 2, most celebrities are going silent on social media for ‘Blackout Tuesday,’ with the goal being to spend the day becoming educated on Black Lives Matter, rather than posting on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.

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