‘The Bachelor: LTYH’ Finale: 1 Couple Walks Away With Love & Their Musical Dreams Fulfilled

One of the three remaining couples impressed the judges with their chemistry and talent to win 'The Bachelor Presents: Listen To Your Heart' during the May 18 finale.

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Three couples are left on The Bachelor Presents: Listen To Your Heart — Trevor/Jamie, Bri/Chris and Matt/Rudi — and the group heads to Nashville on the May 18 finale. Each couple will perform twice this week, but first, they get to go dates that will end with the option to spend time in the fantasy suite and take their relationships to the next level. Going into the final date, Matt is having reservations about where he stands in his relationship with Rudi, and she’s stressed that they aren’t on the same page. Meanwhile, Bri/Chris and Trevor/Jamie are already planning their futures together as couples.

Matt pulls Rudi aside and admits that he doesn’t feel like their relationship is at the same level as the other two couples. He doesn’t think it’s fair for them to take the stage when he doesn’t feel like they’re where they need to be in the relationship. Of course, Rudi gets super upset, but she’s also pissed at Matt for waiting until they got all the way to Nashville to make this decision. It’s quite an emotional conversation, which ends with Rudi storming out in tears. Matt apologizes for how things went down, and gives Rudi closure by opening up about how strongly he did feel for her. They leave the show, but not on bitter terms.

Finally, Jamie and Trevor go on their date. Even though they’re solid and falling in love with each other, Jamie still has trust issues from her past relationships, and wants to make sure she’s fully comfortable moving forward with Trevor. Trevor puts all of Jamie’s worries at ease, though, by assuring her that he’s all-in on their romance. They decide to spend the night together in the fantasy suite.

Bri and Chris have been the most solid couple throughout the entire experience. However, due to some past experiences, she’s more focused on continuing to build their emotional connection, as opposed to their physical connection. Chris is on the same page, and even though they’re in love with each other, they agree not to go to the fantasy suite just yet.

The next day, things are off between Chris and Bri at rehearsals. Bri is so focused on the decision that she and Chris made about the fantasy suite, and she can’t focus, which obviously leads to nerves going into the final performance. She’s worried that something has changed in the relationship. Meanwhile, Trevor and Jamie are thriving and more into each other than ever.

This week, the celebrity judges are Bachelor Nation alum, Kaitlyn Bristowe and Jason Tartick, along with Taye Diggs, Rita Wilson and Jewel. As always, they’re judging on both musical talent and chemistry between the couples. Jamie and Trevor are up first with their performances of “Unchained Melody” and “Speechless.” They end the show with a kiss, and the judges can’t stop smiling. Trevor and Jamie are complimented on their performances, as well as their connection with one another.

Seeing Trevor and Jamie’s connection onstage just makes Bri and Chris more nervous. They sing “Make You Feel My Love” and “Give Me Love.” Despite the nerves, they pull it together, and the judges agree that there’s a “clear” and “genuine” connection between them.

Unfortunately, only one couple can win, and walk away with both love and a chance to fulfill their dreams (the winners receive the chance to write music and tour together as a couple). It’s up to the judges to decide which pair they think performed best, while also connecting with one another. Bri and Chris are chosen as the winners, and they blissfully leave the show together on a tour bus.