‘The Bachelor: LTYH’ Recap: Rudi & Matt Struggle As They Realize They’re Not On The Same Page

On the May 11 episode of 'The Bachelor: Listen To Your Heart,' Rudi breaks down when she finds out that Matt's feelings for her aren't reciprocated, and one couple crashes and burns onstage.

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The four remaining couples head to Las Vegas on the May 11 episode of The Bachelor Presents: Listen To Your Heart. Everyone gets a lot of alone time with their significant others, as they take separate tour buses from L.A. to Vegas. It’s not long before Rudi begins having some doubts about where Matt stands in their relationship. She knows that he likes to move slow, while she jumps in quickly, and she’s worried about what it could mean for their future. Matt and Rudi decide to take a pit stop on the way to Vegas to spend the night in the desert by themselves, and hopefully move their relationship forward.

The next day, they arrive in Vegas, and Matt admits to Ryan that he still doesn’t know if he’s quite where Rudi wants him to be. He knows he likes her, but still isn’t sure that he’s falling in love with her. On the other hand, Rudi is falling in love with Mat, and Jamie urges her to open up to him about her feelings. Meanwhile, Bri and Chris get the first date of the week. They’re in a very good place after saying “I love you” to each other after last week’s performance. On the date, they get to sing at a couple’s intimate wedding. Afterward, Chris opens up to Bri more about losing his father, and their relationship progresses even further.

The next date goes to Jamie and Trevor. Going into the date, Jamie wants to tell Trevor that she’s falling in love with him, but she’s extremely nervous to do so. They go ice skating and play some hockey, then get down to having a serious conversation. Trevor reveals that he’s only said “I love you” to two other people in the past, and that the words are super meaningful to him, which is why he’s been hesitant to say them without making sure he means it. Still, Jamie musters up the courage to tell Trevor that she’s falling in love with him, and he reciprocates the sentiment.

Rudi is hoping that things go just as well on her date with Matt. They go to a Shaggy concert, and even get to take the stage to sing with him. Afterward, Rudi opens up to Matt about her feelings, and finally tells him that she’s falling for him. Matt praises Rudi for “speaking [her] truth,” but doesn’t tell her that he’s feeling the same way that she is. He simply isn’t ready to take that step yet, and Rudi is heartbroken. She leaves the date crying.

On Ryan and Natascha’s date, they get to smash objects to pieces with heavy machinery. The “L” word doesn’t come up for them, but they both agree that they have a “good thing” going on, and their date ends on a high note. Now, it’s time for the couples to prepare for their next performances in front of this week’s judges: Arie and Lauren Luyendyk (from The Bachelor) along with Ashlee Simpson and her husband, Evan Ross, and Pat Monahan from the band Train.

First up, Bri and Chris sing “Can’t Help Falling In Love With You” by Elvis Presley. The judges agree that the passion and chemistry between Bri and Chris is off the charts. They have some criticisms about the beginning of the performance, but overall, it’s rave reviews for Bri and Chris once again. Jamie and Trevor are up next. They perform Lady Antebellum’s “Just A Kiss,” and after their successful date, Jamie goes into the performance with more confidence than ever before. The judges feed off the energy in the performance, and they love the fun and playful nature of Jamie and Trevor’s relationship.

Next, Natascha and Ryan perform Ed Sheeran and Beyonce’s “Perfect,” but they change the song up in a big way to make it their own. Unfortunately, the performance comes off as awkward, and there’s a bit of a mishap with the microphones and lyrics, which messes up the flow. The judges admit that they didn’t feel the connection between Natascha and Ryan, and Natascha gets emotional while apologizing to Ryan for messing things up.

Finally, it’s Matt and Rudi’s turn. Obviously, there’s a bit of tension between them going into the performance, considering they just found out that they’re not on the same page in their relationship. They perform “Shallow” by Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga, and really pull it together for the performance. Their connection is completely evident, and the judges agree that it’s “magical” as they shower the pair with praise. Rudi and Matt are so excited about how things went, and it brings them back to a really good place.

The judges choose one couple to eliminate ahead of the finale. At the rose ceremony, the following three couples are called as safe: Jamie/Trevor, Rudi/Matt and Bri/Chris. Unfortunately, that means that Natascha and Ryan are eliminated. The journey continues on May 18 at 8:00 p.m. on ABC!