‘Britney Spears’ Pops Up On ‘SNL’s Hilarious MasterClass Sketch After ‘Burning Gym Down’

'Oops, I burned my gym down,' Chloe Fineman's 'Britney Spears' admitted in 'SNL's latest MasterClass sketch, also revealing she's been quarantined for 'five years'!

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Saturday Night Live couldn’t resist making a jab at Britney Spears‘ at-home gym drama! Chloe Fineman‘s ‘Britney’ popped up for a virtual MasterClass where she offered viewers a look at what she’s been doing in quarantine, inspired by the pop stars’ latest Instagram posts. “And of course, Britney Spears teaches something,” a booming voice over began, before Britney emerged in a purple exercise top and shorts. “I’ve been quarantined for five years now, and that’s okay because all my favorite stuff is here,” Chloe-as-Britney said, absolutely nailing her signature smudged black liner and blonde weave.

“Oops, I burned my gym down…” she hilariously went on, perfectly referencing the 2000 bubblegum hit. “So now I exercise outside,” she added, lifting weights and practicing yoga in the sunny California weather. “When I’m looking for a creative outlet. Sometimes I’ll paint. Sometimes I’ll pose. And I’m skinny as a needle,” she continued, rocking a hot pink crop top and black shorts reminiscent of what the In The Zone singer often wears in her own social media posts! “‘My loneliness’ is literally saving me…the thing that helps me most during quarantine is being rich. During this time of Corona disease, we have to stay safe. My prayer is with you. I’m Britney Spears and this is my master school,” she concluded, not getting the name of MasterClass quite right.

The real Britney has been posting up a storm on social media since quarantine began, including showing off her various workout routines! In a recent video, however, Britney revealed that she had “burned” her gym “down” — which was later confirmed to be a candle incident that didn’t cause extensive damage. “Hi guys, I’m in my gym right now. I haven’t been in here in here for like six months because I burnt my gym down unfortunately,” she said via her Instagram on April 29, proceeding to demo her own at-home workout.

SNL announced their latest at-home installment with a video tweet on Thursday, May 7. “Season Finale this Saturday,” the caption read, followed by the hashtag “#SNLAtHome” and a double exclamation emoji. The 30-second promo showed the various regular cast prepping for the third virtual edition, and, as always, Kate McKinnon didn’t fail to make us giggle! “Okay,” she said as she adjusted her mic as her green screen began falling down behind her. Hey, no one said working from home was smooth sailing all the time!

“It might surprise you to be hearing from me,” Cecily Strong said in another bit outside, while Aidy Bryant appeared to get interrupted by unexpected outside noises. “Should I do it again because of that horn?” she asked producers, as she held a book on her living room couch. Wrapping up the short clip, Heidi Gardner looked like she was in full-character mode for a sketch, rocking a cotton candy hued wig! The actress — who will forever be Paul Rudd‘s faux-cousin “Mandy” to us — appeared to be rehearsing a workout sketch as she hit herself in the face with her bedroom door! “At home season finale,” the video concluded, zooming in on an SNL logo leather jacket.

In addition to the all-new season finale, the show also took the opportunity to announce a Mother’s Day special airing on Sunday, May 10. “A Saturday Night Live Mother’s Day! Tune into  @NBC on Sunday at 9/8c for your favorite Mother’s Day sketches. And don’t forget to live-tweet using #SNLMothersDay,” the account tweeted, including a clip of Justin Timberlake and Andy Samberg‘s 2009 “Mother Lover” sketch. A sequel to the now-iconic “Dick In A Box,” the unforgettable music video featured the duo attempting to have sex with each other’s moms, hilariously played by Susan Sarandon and Patricia Clarkson!

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