Kate McKinnon Dances With Elizabeth Warren While Dressed Like Her In Epic Clip & Fans Are Obsessed

Elizabeth Warren stopped by 'Saturday Night Live' on Mar. 7 for a surprise appearance and took a moment to show off dance moves with Kate McKinnon, who was dressed up like her in the memorable moment.

Elizabeth Warren, Kate McKinnon
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Image Credit: Courtesy of NBC

Elizabeth Warren, 70, may not have won the Democratic presidential primary election, but that’s not stopping her from having a little fun on Saturday Night Live! The U.S. Senator from Massachusetts stopped by the live comedy show on the night of Mar. 7, just days after ending her bid for the Democratic presidential nomination, for a surprise appearance on the show, and at one point during her stay, she shared an epic dance off with Kate McKinnon, 36, who is known for portraying her many times in past episodes.

A clip of the memorable moment between Elizabeth and Kate was posted to SNL‘s social media pages, including TikTok, and followers can’t stop talking about it. In the clip, Elizabeth and Kate can be seen wearing matching outfits that consist of a black shirt with a blue blazer over it and in the beginning, Kate, who is in full character as the politician, busts some dance moves to “Nonstop” by Drake, as Elizabeth stands in front of her holding up a phone and filming. A second later, Elizabeth can be seen in the back showing off her own dance moves as Kate holds up the phone in the front and does her best to keep her composure. “Flipped the switch,” the caption for the hilarious video read.

Once the post was up, fans of Elizabeth, Kate, and the show couldn’t get enough of it. “I’ve never loved something more,” one fan wrote. “This is honestly just the most amazing thing❤️ we love you, Elizabeth! Thank you for being such a strong woman❤️,” another wrote. “10/10 best thing on the internet,” a third comment read.

Before Elizabeth and Kate’s incredible dance routine hit the internet, they both appeared alongside each other in the opening of the show, which was a spoof on a FOX News report about the coronavirus. Kate first played the character of host Laura Ingraham, 56, in the skit and interviewed various castmates in character before she introduced Elizabeth and interviewed her. After a warm welcome from shocked fans, the Senator responded to some questions, including how she feels now that her presidential campaign has sadly come to an end.

“I am so proud of my campaign,” Elizabeth said before adding in a joke. “We built a wide coalition of teachers, preschool teachers, middle school teachers, and teachers’ pets. And not only did I not accept money from billionaires, I got to give one a swalley on live TV.”

At the conclusion of the skit, Kate, who was dressed as Elizabeth, came out to greet the real Elizabeth and the two smiled and embraced each other before introducing the show with enthusiasm.

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