Susan Lucci, 73, Looks Ageless While Relaxing In A Gorgeous Robe During Breakfast — See Pic

Susan Lucci is proving, yet again, that she never ages -- even with bedhead and no makeup! The 'All My Children' superstar gave fans a glimpse into her morning routine, and it's positively glamorous.

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Susan Lucci
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Erica Kane is THRIVING. Susan Lucci treated fans to a look inside her life during quarantine, and it’s still pretty fabulous. The All My Children icon, 73, spent a sunny morning at home on May 7 looking the epitome of glamour in a soft, patterned robe that showed just a little bit of cleavage, she revealed on Instagram. In the photo, which you can see below, Susan is feasting on bagels and jam, and coffee, in her breakfast nook before starting her busy day. She captioned the photo, “Mm-mmm golden brown, warm from the oven, best bagels EVAH!!! Thank you Heather!!!” and added bagel, smiley face, and coffee emojis. You know, it’s wild; even with her hair up in a messy bun and no makeup, Susan looks nothing close to being in her seventies. Seriously; what is this woman’s secret??

Turns out you can take the girl out of Pine Valley, but you can’t take the Pine Valley out of the girl. Susan reprised her iconic All My Children character in a silly video posted to Instagram in May, and honestly? We really can’t tell the difference between the Erica in her 2020 skit, the Erica from the soap opera she starred in for 30 years. Ever the one for drama, the video shows “Erica” descending down a spiral staircase while wearing a pair of tight, black leather leggings and a slim tank top. Her hair and makeup are perfect, too, naturally. She fakes a gasp and pretends that she didn’t know the camera was watching her. Atta girl!

She rocked the leather pants for a second time while — get this — riding a mechanical bull on Dr. Oz. It’s like a Mad Libs come to life. She paired the hot pants with a tight, red shirt.

Susan flaunted that amazing figure while on vacation back in February, too. The soap star was spotted frolicking around on the beach in St. Barths while wearing a strapless, white one-piece bathing suit, and she looked divine.