Rihanna Expertly Shows How To Get A ‘No Makeup’ Look & Is So Pretty In Fenty Video

She's sitting in quarantine, but Rihanna's looking ahead to the summer sun. The Fenty Beauty mogul showed her fans to get the perfect 'no makeup' makeup look on YouTube, perfect for the beach -- or just chilling at home.

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Leave it to Rihanna to make us want to get out of our sweats and put on a full face of makeup! While we’re all home and quarantining, trying new beauty looks and looking anything near presentable hasn’t exactly been a priority. That all changed, though, when Rihanna, 32, posted her latest — and dare we say greatestFenty Beauty makeup tutorial on YouTube. Using a bevy of her new Cheeks Out Freestyle cream bronzers and blushes, Rihanna cheerfully showed her fans how to get a fresh-faced and natural makeup look perfect for summer, even if we’re still spending it inside. It’s all about getting that glowing look.

Rihanna’s makeup tutorial, which you can watch above, just radiates pure joy. “Guys, this is one of my favorite looks and I’ve been rocking it for a minute now: ‘no makeup makeup’ look. Summer Fenty Face!” the gorgeous singer said at the top of her tutorial, filmed in her bathroom. She begins by using the bronzer on her cheekbones, chin, and forehead for a little contour. And she’s right; it looks totally natural, and not like she has products caked onto her face. “When you’re on the beach, or you just want to wake up next to your man looking like you don’t have on any makeup… shh,” she says with a wink. She then layers on some pretty pink blush, and the result is that she’s totally dewy and glowing. Perfection!

The best part about Rihanna’s tutorials is how candid and goofy she is. After applying one of her blushes and finishing off with lip gloss and mascara, she asks, “Don’t I look beach ready? Or booty call ready?” Yep! She flips her hair for emphasis. Rihanna’s last piece of Fenty Beauty content was equally amazing. She shared several photos to Instagram on April 19, which showed the “Believe It” singer wearing a slinky silver dress and touting her cream blushes. BRB, calculating how many we can afford.