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Joseph Baena Flexes His Muscles & Shows Off His Ripped Back During Lockdown Workout – Watch

Arnold Schwarzenegger's bodybuilding son Joseph Baena is getting super ripped during his lockdown workouts. It happened to be back day, and he showed off his incredible muscles and little bit of shirtless sunburn.

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Joseph Baena
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Joseph Baena is making sure every part of his bodybuilding physique is getting plenty of attention during the coronavirus lockdown. He already spent plenty of time lifting weights before the state of California did it’s “Safer at Home” order on March 19. But now he’s literally in isolation and spending most of his time working out. On Apr. 23, he hit a rooftop gym for back training, making sure that his delts, lats and traps all got properly strengthened.

Arnold Schwarzenegger‘s 22-year-old mini-me showed off his sunny exercise session in an Instagram video. He’s seen shirtless, barefoot and wearing nothing but purple shorts and a baseball cap. Since the day was without a cloud in the sky, Joseph’s back looked like he was getting a little sunburned. The camera is focused on him from behind, as he squats down and lifts the entire set of weights on a machine by pulling the cable up to his chest. Then the camera pans around to show him in front of a large mirror, watching his own progress.

Joseph is fortunate that he has all of the weights he needs at his disposal to keep up his workouts, as gyms across California shut down when the state went into lockdown. In the caption he told fans, “Back attack!” about the day’s training and asked, “What’s the first thing you’re gonna train when you get back into the gym?” A number of people responded “Everything,” as they’ve gone over a month without a trip to a gym. 

Joseph is seen surrounded by plenty of exercise equipment in the rooftop gym, including numerous other Life Fitness weight cable-pull machines, weight benches, medicine balls and more. Numerous fans speculated that the tricked out rooftop gym belongs to former poker player and party impresario Dan Bilzerian, 39, as it looks so similar to previous tours of the home gym that Dan has shown on YouTube. Joseph worked out there on Apr. 17 as well, showing fans a muscular shirtless selfie from the rooftop gym.