Joseph Baena, 22, Hilariously Attempts To Crack Open An Egg Using Just His Muscular Arms

Arnold Schwarzenegger's look-alike son Joseph Baena took on a challenge to crack an egg with just his incredibly buff arms. He showed in a video that it's harder than it looks.

Joseph Baena
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Image Credit: MEGA

Apparently there’s a new challenge going around Instagram as people remain bored in home lockdowns. Arnold Schwarzenegger‘s look alike bodybuilder son Joseph Baena is one of the first people to help get it going. It involves putting an egg in the small of his elbow, then pulling his forearm up to his bicep to flex it in hopes of cracking it. The incredibly muscular 22-year-old shared the video via Instagram stories on April 16, and proved it’s not as easy as it would seem. You can check out the video here.

“Challenge accepted,” he wrote over a video of him doing numerous pull-ups from a pull-up bar inside a doorway of his home. After he finished and his muscles were nice and pumped, he grabbed an egg and put it inside his elbow, saying “All these weaklings out here don’t know what it’s all about.” But the egg proved to be a slippery object and popped out of the side of his arm, as he proclaimed “oh gosh!”

He tried again, flexing his forearm up to his buff bicep with all of his mighty strength, but the egg still wouldn’t crack. He even used his left hand to force his right arm into the tightest squeeze possible, with zero luck. Eventually he just started laughing so hard, saying “It’s harder than it looks.” He then challenged several friends including bodybuilders Joey Swoll and Dakota Stinson, as well as his 72-year-old dad Arnold to complete in the breaking an egg with their bicep challenge.

Joseph has been maintaining his buff-body building lifestyle while in the coronavirus lockdown. During the challenge he showed how his muscles are looking as strong as ever, in a maroon tank top with the sleeve underarms cut down to his waist to show off his ripped torso and shoulders. He donned black shorts for his workout and like most men these days, his hair appears longer than usual. Since barber shops are part of the lockdown closures, his hair now has longer waves on top. Joseph is even growing in a bit of a mustache, as the coronavirus isolation has caused many guys to try their hand at beards, mustaches and other facial hair looks they might not have attempted when having to go out in public every day.

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