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‘The Bachelor: LTYH’: Natascha Admits She Still Doesn’t ‘Respect’ Trevor After Calling Him Out

Natascha didn't hold back from exposing Trevor's past on 'The Bachelor: Listen To Your Heart,' but now that the episode's aired, she says she's still convinced that he's holding something back!

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Image Credit: ABC/Maarten de Boer

When Natascha Bessez arrived on the April 20 episode of The Bachelor: Listen to Your Heart, she wasted no time stirring things up. Natascha accused fellow contestant, Trevor Holmes, of cheating on his last girlfriend, who she happened to be friends with. Trevor came clean about “emotionally cheating” and staying in the relationship longer than he should have. Jamie Gabrielle, who Trevor’s been hanging out with on the show, decided to continue giving their relationship a shot, despite what she learned about their past. However, Natascha told HollywoodLife EXCLUSIVELY that she’s not as forgiving.

“I’m just so disappointed that I didn’t get the full truth,” Natascha explained “I am still not getting the truth out of this guy. It blows my mind that, still to this day, I am not hearing the truth. I’m not hearing, ‘I messed up, I did something really s****y and I did it to someone that didn’t deserve it and was completely blindsided by it!’ He still won’t live up to it. He was sitting there saying he didn’t cheat, or he was like, ‘I sort of cheated’ — it’s like, dude, give me a straight answer! I respect a man who confesses and stands up to it. We all often do things that are messed up. You can’t blame someone for messing up, but you can blame them for how they react to it and how they grow from it. The fact that I didn’t see that from him really upset me.”

From the get-go, Natascha clearly wasn’t afraid to speak her mind, and she teased that this is something that we can continue to expect as the season continues. “I’m not here to please everybody,” she admitted. “I’m here to be myself. I really value integrity and honesty, and I value being transparent when it comes to who you are. You will never see me talk behind someone’s back and saying something different to their face. That’s just not what I am about.” She promised that she’ll be bringing “the real deal” and won’t bother with the “BS and fluff,” too.

It’s not all about the drama for Natascha, though! After calling out Trevor, she began focusing on what she was really on the show for — finding love, of course! Natascha hit it off with Ryan Neal, and he gave her his rose at the rose ceremony. “I really like the guy that is unassuming,” Natascha admitted. “[It was] the fact that he took his time to get to know me and asked me the right questions, and his demeanor is so calming and relaxed. You can tell there is so much integrity with him and you can tell he is respectful and a gentleman.”

Natascha also said that she spent a lot of time talking to several of the guys in the house, but Ryan was the only one who she had “real chemistry” with. We’ll have to see if it works out for them as The Bachelor: Listen To Your Heart continues on Mondays at 8:00 p.m. on ABC!