‘The Bachelor: Listen To Your Heart’ Recap: Julia Is Torn Over 2 Guys & Trevor’s Past Is Exposed

Another love triangle forms on the April 20 episode of 'The Bachelor: Listen To Your Heart,' while two other relationships become stronger than ever.

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It’s a brand new week on the April 20 episode of The Bachelor: Listen to Your Heart. After week one, the solid couples are Bri and Chris, Bekah and Danny and Jamie and Trevor. With eight men and eight women left, host Chris Harrison reveals that there will be more newcomers ahead of the next rose ceremony, where the men will hand out the roses. Jamie gets the first date card, and chooses Trevor to go on the date. They take a trip to Venice Beach, where they get to know each other better before performing a romantic duet of “Girl Crush” on the boardwalk. During the performance, their chemistry is off the charts.

Back at the mansion, the first newbie to arrive is Natascha, who is admittedly outspoken. Before long, it’s revealed that Natascha is actually friends with one of Trevor’s exes, who told her that there were “indiscretions” during their relationship. Everyone’s wondering if Trevor is going to own up to his past with Jamie, and on the date, she opens up to him about being cheated on in all of her past relationships. However, he does not come clean about cheating being part of the reason his last relationship ended. The second Jamie and Trevor arrive back at the mansion, Natascha pulls Trevor aside to let him know what she’s heard.

Natascha straight-up confronts Trevor with the cheating accusations. He explains that he never “physically cheated,” but does admit to “emotionally cheating” and lying. He also says that he stayed in the relationship longer than he should have. Meanwhile, some of the other girls let Jamie know what’s been going on, and she breaks down in tears.

The next date card of the week goes to Bri, and obviously, she chooses Chris to go with her. They take a trip to Guitar Center, and have the entire store to themselves. The date helps Bri and Chris connect even further, especially after Bri opens up to Chris about her ex breaking off their engagement one year prior. She tells Chris that she thinks she’s falling in love with him, and he assures her that he’s falling for her, too.

Finally, Trevor pulls Jamie aside and comes clean about everything that happened with his last girlfriend. At first, Jamie is torn, but by the end of the conversation, she decides to keep the past in the past and move forward with Trevor. However, she notes that trust a big deal to her, and she won’t feel fully confident until she gets his rose.

Meanwhile, Julia is torn between Sheridan and Brandon. She gave her rose to Sheridan last week, but also connected with Brandon. At the same time, Mel is interested in Brandon, as well. The next date card goes to Sheridan, who asks Julia out, and she accepts. They appear on a morning radio show, and perform together for the listeners. Following their romantic performance of “The Bones,” they seal the deal with a kiss.

Back at the mansion, two new girls arrive: Mariana and Ruby. Mariana is immediately interested in Brandon, which worries Savannah, who’s been connecting with Brandon, too. The fight for Brandon’s rose is clearly on, with various girls interested in him. Savannah is the one to get the next date card, though, and Brandon accepts her invitation. They spend the night at a jazz club, and of course, they get to perform together. By the end of the night, their connection is clearly stronger than before.

Despite having a great time on her date with Sheridan, Julia is still upset to come home and learn that Brandon is out on a date with someone else. The next day, she opens up to Sheridan about her feelings, and admits that she wants to still be open to figuring things out with both him and other people in the house. Of course, he’s blindsided and hurt.

At the cocktail party, several girls are still unsure about whether or not they’ll get a rose. Mel makes sure to get some time with Brandon, and ends their conversation with a kiss. Julia also spends one-on-one time with Brandon, who admittedly wasn’t expecting her to reveal that she still has feelings for him. They end up making out, adding even more confusion to the mix.

Meanwhile, Natascha makes a play for Ryan, and they hit it off. Rudi also kisses Ryan, but feels no chemistry, so she wants to try to work things out with Matt. She blew up at Matt last week and is convinced that she ruined things between them, but she makes sure to let him know that she’s still interested in him. They end their conversation by making out, and Rudi is beginning to feel like things could work out between them.

At the rose ceremony, Chris gives his rose to Bri, and Trevor gives his to Jamie. Matt chooses Rudi, Ryan picks Natascha, and Danny keeps things going with Bekah, while Gabe picks Rudi. Brandon finally makes his big decision, giving his rose to Savannah, which leaves Sheridan to choose Julia, and she accepts. Sadly, that means Mel, Mariana and Cheyenne are eliminated. However, before the episode ends, Brandon takes a minute to let Julia know that he’s happy she’s still around, as he wants to continue to figure things out. Looks like this love triangle (square?) is just beginning!