Selena Gomez Hilariously Fails ‘Friends’ Quiz Despite Being A Self-Proclaimed Super-Fan — Watch

Selena Gomez has always said she's a 'Friends' uber-fan. But she took a trivia quiz about the show and actually failed on 11 of 29 questions.

Selena Gomez loves Friends, and is real-life pals with Jennifer Aniston, 51, who played Rachel Green on the iconic NBC sit-com. So a little Friends trivia should have been right up her alley. The 27-year-old sat down (prior to the coronavirus lockdown) with Interview magazine to take a Friends quiz, and surprisingly she failed to sail through it. While still rocking the four long, heavy pigtail braids that she wore on the mag’s cover, Selena correctly got the name of the neighbor who leaves everything to Monica and Rachel when he dies, which was Mr. Heckles. She also got “Yemen” right, as the answer to where Chandler tells Janice he’s been relocated so he can avoid her.

Selena nearly forgot the name of Joey’s beloved stuffed penguin. She made a scrunchy face and bent her head down, as if she was trying desperately to remember before asking, “Is it Hugsy?” which was right. Sel also was able to name “11” as the number of categories of towels that Monica has. She cruised through to question number eight, where she got stumped naming which of Joey’s sisters Chandler made out with. In all fairness, their names all began with “Mary” so it was a hard one. “This is so embarrassing!” Selena exclaimed, not getting “Mary Angela.”

She surprisingly failed “What does Rachel say is her favorite movie?” Sel exclaimed, “You guys gave me hard ones!” when she was unable to come up with Dangerous Liaisons. As for what was Rachel’s actual favorite movie, Sel responded “Her real one is Weekend at Bernie’s,” which was correct! Then the quiz master went way back to season one, asking Selena, “What laundry detergent does Ross use to impress Rachel?” COME ON! That’s a really hard one. Selena mouthed an expletive and described, “He uses the really muscular one.” When told it was “Uberweiss,” Selena said she never would have known that. Probably 90 percent of Friends fans wouldn’t remember that one either.

The “Hands To Myself” singer got her next question wrong, and it’s one that she said she got stumped on before in another Friends quiz. She was asked “Joey gets caught taking a shower in the dressing room of which Hollywood star.” She replied, I’m sorry, I don’t know” and her failure to name Charleton Heston put her at 13/17 correct answers. Things kept going downhill as she couldn’t name Gunther’s “Charlie Brown” costume from Monica and Chandler’s Halloween party. She said “I didn’t know that” with a shocked look on her face.

'Friends' cast
The cast of ‘Friends’ in a mid-1990’s promo pic. Selena Gomez has always cited the iconic NBC sitcom as one of her all-time favorite TV shows. Photo credit: NBC

Selena got feisty with what Ross and Rachel’s daughter’s first word was, which was “Gleba.” While she didn’t remember it, the singer did recall Ross going into the dictionary and discovering it was a scientific name, but it wasn’t technically a word. “That was not her first word!” Sel responded. When she couldn’t name the 50’s diner where Monica worked as a waitress, Sel said, “We’ve got to edit some of this, cause I’m letting a lot of people down.” In the end, Selena ended up with 18 out of 29 questions correct. Which was sadly a fail. “Whoa I’m a little rusty. All right, I’m not gonna lie. I’ve been watching some Will & Grace lately so I’m pretty rusty,” she explained sweetly.

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