How Denise Richards’ Husband Aaron Phypers Feels About The Brandi Glanville Affair Rumors

Aaron Phypers appears to be remaining cool, calm and collected amid Brandi Glanville's repeated claims that she hooked up with his wife Denise Richards.

Denise Richards
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Everything looks to going A-OK for Denise Richards, 49, and her husband Aaron Phypers, 47, during all the chaos surrounding Brandi Glanville, 47, alleging that the two women were intimate with one another. “Denise & Aaron are going really strong despite all of the rumors and stories,” a source revealed EXCLUSIVELY to HollywoodLife on Thursday, April 16.  “Aaron doesn’t believe the rumors for one second. She’s really ready for the season to come out as she feels like her side will be seen and she can’t wait for the viewers to see her truth. Denise knows she said certain things about the ladies, however, they’ve also said some not nice things about her which will come out as the season progresses.”

The insider continued, “She’s disappointed the other ladies seemed to believe Brandi, but there’s nothing she can really do about what other people see or think. She’s a professional and she’s ready to re-live everything even though she wishes it never happened. She’s just glad to get her side out there.” Brandi brought up the situation yet again during an Instagram Live chat with BP Major where she made a bold claim about her alleged past with the Wild Things star. “Yeah we made out, we hooked up,” she said during the interview.

Rumors swirling around what did and didn’t happen between Denise & Brandi have been going on for months now. The alleged affair first became public knowledge in January when a Daily Mail source claimed that Denise and Brandi had a “months-long affair” throughout early 2019. Denise’s rep quickly clapped back by saying the rumor “isn’t true” in a statement to People, but Brandi’s comments afterwards made the situation a bit more complicated.

Someone who is on Team Denise in all of this is RHOBH newbie Garcelle Beauvais, 53. HollywoodLife asked the legendary actress if she could trust Brandi and find her truthful in an EXCLUSIVE interview, and she admitted, “I don’t know her myself, but just from what I’ve seen or what’s out there? No.”

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