Drake’s Son’s Mother Sophie Brussaux Shows Off Her Amazing Fit Figure In Hot New Workout Video

Sophie Brussaux is using her time in self-isolation both working out and eating. The mom of Drake's son Adonis showed of her fit figure in a pic and video, then bemoaned that she's put on weight.

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Image Credit: SplashNews

It seems that other than watching streaming services, the main things people have been doing during the COVID-19 lockdown are exercising and cooking. Sophie Brussaux, the mother of Drake‘s adorable two-year-old son Adonis, has been doing both. The 30-year-old French artist shared a pic and a video to Instagram stories on Apr. 16 ,reflecting the ying and yang of working out and eating. In her first IG pic, Sophie is seen leaning up against a grey inflatable exercise ball in the workout room of her house. She’s seated on the wooden floor and took a selfie against the large mirrored wall. You can see the pic and video here.

Sophie looks incredible in a tight, light pink crop top that shows off her tiny waist and flat tummy. She’s wearing grey leggings as she has he legs stretched out in front of her. A floor mat with two hand weights can be seen behind her, as she was relaxing after finishing up her workout. She wrote in French, “apres l’effort le réconfort” on the video, which translates into, “after the effort the comfort.” Sophie also wrote in French to her sports trainer, “Hamza Lavezzi coach MMA he killed us,” sounding like she got a serious exercise round via video from his headquarters in Bordeaux, France.

Even though Sophie seemed so fit and happy in the first IG stories pic, she wasn’t feeling as happy with her body in a boomarang video. She showed the length of her body, focusing mainly on her legs and hips. She wrote over it, “Who else put on a lot of weight?” with an emoji showing a pig crying and a message to “stay home.” Sophie’s curves look pretty darn amazing, so we’re not sure where she claims all that extra weight is.

During the lockdown, Sophie showed off the best photos yet of Adonis on March 30. The little boy has fair skin, curly blonde hair and blue eyes, even though his parents both have dark hair and brown eyes. Fans remarked how much he looks like Drizzy’s mom Sandi Graham, 60. Sophie even made a joke about why her son is a natural blonde. She shared a Photoshop version of a light-blonde Champagne Papi at the end, and changed her own hair color to blonde in the pic of the couple holding their son. She added, “All this time, you thought [Drake] was dark-haired…but Adonis’s parents are really blonde.”

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