50 Cent Mocks Ja Rule As ‘Stupid’ For Asking Him To Battle: He’s Doing It ‘For Attention’

Fans who were hoping to see 50 Cent and Ja Rule battle on IG Live are out of luck -- because 50 is totally trolling Ja Rule for even suggesting it!

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50 Cent shut down hopes of a song battle between himself and Ja Rule with two Instagram posts on April 13. After Ja suggested that he and 50 go head-to-head, 50 took to Instagram to share a video of himself driving away in a convertible while cracking up. “Who want to battle?” he captioned the video. He also shared a photoshopped image — WHICH YOU CAN SEE HERE — of Ja Rule holding up a cardboard sign that reads, “I will battle 50 Cent for attention.” He captioned that image, “Stupid,” and added a (misspelled) #FyreFestival hashtag, to mock Ja Rule for his involvement in the failed festival.

Ja Rule and 50 have publicly feuded for many years, and Ja revealed he was ready to go at it again while appearing on Fat Joe and Swizz Beatz’s Instagram Live on April 11. Fat Joe called Ja up and put him on speakerphone during the live Instagram session. When asked about a live battle with 50, Ja said, “I want all the smoke, but I’ll behave.” However, Swizz pointed out that his promise to ‘behave’ sounded “devilish.”

Over the years, 50 and Ja Rule have released many diss tracks about each other and have publicly shaded each other countless times in public. Their beef dates back to 1999, although both rappers have different stories about why it began.

50 claims that the feud started because Ja Rule saw him hanging out at a club with someone who robbed Ja Rule at gunpoint just weeks earlier in 1999. However, Ja Rule says it began when he filmed a video in Queens, and 50 didn’t approve of him getting love from the NYC neighborhood. Either way, seeing these two battle it out sure would be epic — but it definitely doesn’t seem like 50 is on-board.

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