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Kim Kardashian & 15 More Stars Who’ve Made Sweatshirts Stylish With Short-Shorts & More

We've all been wearing a lot of sweatshirts while stuck inside during quarantine, and these stars are proof that the super casual look can actually be very stylish!

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Who says sweatshirts have to look frumpy and messy!? Over the years, so many stars have been photographed out and about in their more casual wear, including sweatshirts. However, they’ve managed to find ways to dress up their hoodies. Take Kim Kardashian, for instance. When she wears sweats, she likes to keep it comfortable on top and super sexy on the bottom. We’ve seen her wear a sweatshirt with skintight spandex shorts, as well as with tight black leggings and heels. These looks are the perfect mix of casual AND stylish!

Another way to make sweatshirts sexy is by wearing them as part of a sweatsuit, like Gigi Hadid did in New York City in 2019. By wearing a matching top and bottom, you’re taking on a whole new trend, and it’s the perfect excuse to dress comfortable while still looking fashionable. Other stars who’ve favored this look include Olivia Culpo, Bella Hadid and many more.

One of our favorite dressed-up sweatshirt looks definitely came from Selena Gomez, though. She wore a super sexy ankle-length skirt, which featured a thigh-high slit, on the bottom, with her gray zip-up on top. Her legs were on full display, but she was covered on top. She paired the look with sneakers, too, to give it even more of a casual feel, while still not looking messy. Amazing!

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These ladies are proof that your style doesn’t have to suffer while rocking sweatshirts in quarantine! Other stars who’ve made sweatshirts look stylish are Celine Dion, Halsey, Kristen Stewart and. Click through the gallery above to check out our favorite, trendy sweatshirt looks from our favorite stars over the years.