Khloe Kardashian’s Daughter True Shows Off Her Natural Afro While Playing With Dolls — Watch

Khloe Kardashian often pulls daughter True's hair back into ponytails or braids. But she decided to let her toddler have her natural curls flow for a day of playing with her baby dolls.

The hair is there! Khloe Kardashian, 35, let daughter True Thompson, almost 2, wear her natural Afro down during an April 7 playdate at home. The mother and daughter are still in self-quarantine just like the rest of America, but True has the cutest playhouse in which to keep her busy. Khloe shared a series of Instagram stories and the little girl’s gorgeous natural curls can be seen in all their glory. She usually puts True’s hair up somehow, either in braids, ponytails or little buns. So it’s amazing to see how stunning her hair is flowing free with her precious tight ringlets.

In the first video, True is inside her backyard playhouse with her doll in a stand-up bassinet  She adorably gets up and wants to move them outside, but the toy is too heavy for her. Fans can hear her say something about “baby” and “tutu.” When Khloe asks if she wants help True tells her no. Then Koko cleverly asks if she can hold one side to help get it out the door and True sweetly says “yes.”

Khloe shows True doing her best to move her baby doll outside, and oh boy is that playhouse sweet! It features a white child-sized sofa with a matching chair, hardwood floors, a white rug and big windows for natural light. It even has boxed decorated shelving for True to put toys in. And that’s just True’s living room.

Once outside, True is seen with two dolls, one with light skin and blonde hair and the other with darker skin and dark hair. True closely examines the hair on the brunette doll as if she’s looking for something, lifting up the bangs and she starts asking for “mommy.” True then reveals that she named her dolls “Koko” and “Tutu.” Khloe laughs because apparently “Koko” was named something else and she tries to get her to say it on camera, but True is sticking with “Koko.” Even though she probably doesn’t realize that’s her own mom’s nickname.

It so cute to hear True’s sweet little voice chattering away. One thing about self-distancing during lockdown, it’s provided some amazing mother-daughter memories for Khloe and True as they’ve spent so much time together. Not like they didn’t already, but with the world slowing down, it’s meant more playtime than ever with True.

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