Lady Gaga Makes Triumphant Return To ‘Tonight Show’ & Looks ‘So Different’ After Abrupt Exit Last Week

After leaving Jimmy Fallon's viewers on a cliffhanger, Lady Gaga was ready to share her coronavirus-related news that made fans gush over her kindness. She made the big announcement in an outfit unlike her usual style!

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Lady Gaga, 34, finally made her highly anticipated comeback on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon: At Home Edition on Apr. 6. Unlike her usual wardrobe of rainbow outfits and eclectic pieces — the meat dress was put away for this interview — Gaga was wearing a sensible and chic plaid blazer, black turtleneck top and glasses. “Whoah! Is that Lady Gaga? Not used to see her dress like that,” one viewer wrote in the YouTube video’s comments section, while another wrote, “Lady Gaga looks so different here.” But Gaga’s outfit was just one small part of her appearance on Jimmy Fallon’s show. Fans were more blown away by what Gaga has been doing to fight the coronavirus pandemic behind-the-scenes!

So, this was the big announcement that Gaga made fans wait for: she’s partnering with Global Citizen to curate a television special called One World: Together At Home, which will air on April 18! The holy trinity of late night TV will be hosting the charitable special — Jimmy (Fallon), Jimmy Kimmel and Stephen Colbert — and will feature big stars like Lizzo, Billie Eilish, Priyanka Chopra, Keith Urban, John Legend, J Balvin, Kacey Musgraves, Kerry Washington, Billie Joe Armstrong and Stevie Wonder. “It’s not a telethon, it’s not a fundraiser,” Gaga explained, who revealed that $35 million has already been raised. Rather, Gaga’s goal for the TV special is to “highlight this global, kind community that’s coming together right now” amid the world’s health crisis.

Gaga had everyone wondering what her COVID-19-related news was going to be when she appeared on The Tonight Show‘s at-home edition on Apr. 1. The interview, however, was very brief and awkward as the “Poker Face” crooner seemed very unprepared for Jimmy’s FaceTime call. After telling him she couldn’t talk at that moment because she didn’t have all the details, he asked if she could talk in about “10 minutes” but she delayed it even further by asking him if they could speak on “Friday” which was three days away from the day there were speaking. Jimmy seemed taken aback but obliged and she graciously apologized.

When Gaga, whose real name is Stefani, isn’t making a difference in the world with her successful music career these days, she’s spending time in quarantine with her boyfriend Michael Polansky. “Stef has been busy but still taking time to have wonderful downtime with Michael,” a source EXCLUSIVELY told HollywoodLife. “They are really getting to know each other more and this has been a really nice test to their relationship that they are embracing and learning from day by day. She seems pretty happy and chill right now.”

It’s good to know Gaga is making the best of her days during the scary coronavirus pandemic. The virus, which started in Wuhan, China in Dec. 2019, has infected 1,341,737 people worldwide, including 74,253 who have died.

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