Kylie Jenner Says She’d Rather Have A ‘Silent’ Bedroom Partner Than One With A ‘Weird’ Accent

Kylie Jenner knows what she wants in a bedroom partner. While playing a game with her BFF, she revealed she'd like a guy who keeps quiet while doing it over one that might put on a 'weird accent.'

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Many celebs have taken to Instagram live sessions to stay in touch with their fans while under self-quarantine, and we’re learning some juicy stuff. Kylie Jenner‘s BFF Stassie Karanikolaou did an IG live on Apr. 3 and brought in the cosmetics mogul to join in as her guest (they’re still both self-isolating). Not only was Kylie wearing her real hair and nails, she played a giggly game of “Would You Rather?” and one of the questions was about what kind of bedroom partner she’d like. Note to all potential suitors — keep quiet in the sack!

Stassie had a list of “Would you rather? questions she’d already compiled from fans for a game. One asked Kylie, “would you rather have your partner have a weird accent when having sex or be completely silent?” After both ladies broke down laughing, the 22-year-old smiled and said, “I would rather he be completely silent.” That surprised Stassie who asked, “Really?” and Kylie shot back, “Absolutely! I could not handle the weird accent.” But there is an exception, as Kylie added, “Unless he had a weird accent, like naturally. If he had an accent, fine.”

That wasn’t the only big revelation Kylie had for her IG live with Stassie — she’s loving wearing her own natural hair for the first time in ages. While she debuted it in early March, she’s owning now. When she popped on wearing a styled carmel brown shoulder length bob with the ends turned up slightly, Stassie squealed, “You’re so pretty!” about her new look. ‘This is actually the first time I’ve worn my natural hair,” she explained after saying “hair and makeup by Kylie,” since she was so glam looking.

You can check out Kylie’s response to how she’d rather have a silent partner in bed at the 3:17 mark in their IG live:

And here’s Kylie talking all about her new au natural look:

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Kylie and Stassie on Instagram today

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Stassie kept giggling and pointed out “and the natural nails!” as Kylie told her “stop! I feel so uncomfortable.” She explained that her long acrylics didn’t need to go, but she wanted to lose them. “I just feel like this is such a good time to take your hair out, your nails off. No lashes,” she said, pointing out that she now is rocking her own natural lashes by brushing over them with her finger. “We’re natural queens!” Stassie proclaimed as Kylie laughed in agreement.