Kim Kardashian Struggles To Squeeze Into Latex Body Suit & Admits She Won’t Be Able To Pee

Kim Kardashian looked hotter than ever as she headed to husband Kanye West's Sunday Service, but it turns out the skintight outfit was a nightmare to get on!

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Kim Kardashian
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It takes a village to look this good! Kim Kardashian, 39, turned heads at Paris Fashion Week when she rocked a series of sexy latex outfits from her go-to label Balmain, but they weren’t exactly easy to slip into. A new preview clip from Keeping Up With The Kardashians showed just how the mom-of-four got the caramel hued version on ahead of husband Kanye West‘s Sunday Service, and the entire thing was — well — hilarious.

Surrounded by her glam squad, it was a group effort to get the 5’2″ reality into the fitted bodysuit and leggings. “It’s stuck on my skin…I think I pulled a muscle in my shoulder,” Kim muttered as she moved her body every which way to get herself into the ensemble, quipping “this is f*****g fashion week.” She can say that again! The entire thing looked like a workout as Kim flexed her muscles and clenched her teeth, and we’re going to guess that the the outfit wasn’t exactly comfortable.

Always one to deliver the dry humor, Kourtney Kardashian, 40, couldn’t resist making fun of the scenario. “Who goes to church in latex? We do!” she announced, clad in an equally sexy chocolate brown version, also designed by Balmain’s Creative Director Olivier Rousteing. “If you have to pee…I’m going to hold it,” Kourt noted, as she watched her wiggle and writhe her way in. “You’re going to have to hold it until like, 2:00,” Kim warned her older sister, noting that she, too, wouldn’t be able to go.

Kim had a sense of humor the entire time, and at one point, placed her hand over her nether regions and joked in a deep voice that she’ll “never wear a condom” (because the outfit is latex — get it?). While she looked ready-to-go with just the bodysuit and pants, it turns out she wasn’t fully dressed: “You guys, now I need the coat with the gloves. Now I’m going to be fully boxed in,” she announced. “This is like, me as a housewife washing dishes with gloves,” she continued as she forced her fingers into the matching tone-on-tone accessory. Perhaps Kim had a sixth sense about the COVID-19 pandemic?

While the hot look took some effort, it was well worth it! The caramel hue was one of three that Kim rocked on the trip, complimenting a feminine blush pink hue and dramatic chocolate brown, just like Kourtney’s. For the Mar. 2 outing to Kanye’s Sunday Service, Kim kept her hair in a slick ponytail — held together with a matching piece of caramel latex — a strappy gold sandal and glossy nude lip. Kim and Kourt later rocked the same outfits as they sat front wrong with Kanye at Balenciaga’s show, and we’re just hoping she didn’t have to make a trip to the bathroom!