Stassi Schroeder’s Mom Accuses Tom Sandoval Of Being Rude To Her At Jax’s Wedding

It turns out Tom Sandoval wasn't quite the 'Best Man' he was shown to be at Jax Taylor and Brittany Cartwright's wedding on TV -- at least, according to Dayna Schroeder!

Stassi Schroeder
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Tom Sandoval, 36, is taking some heat from co-star Stassi Schroeder‘s mom Dayna on social media! The pair seemingly had an unpleasant interaction at Jax Taylor and Brittany Cartwright‘s Kentucky wedding back in June 2019 — and mama Schroeder was quick to spill the beans on social media! Responding to a fresh Instagram meme that praised Tom for being a stellar Best Man to Jax, Dayna wrote: “Not!!!! [Tom] refused to give me an umbrella, even when my wonderful future son in law, [Beau Clark] asked Tom to give me one!”

She continued spilling the tea about the TomTom owner, adding “He looked right at us and gave it to someone else over and over again, on purpose with that smirk little smile of his.” While the move seems like it might be out of the left field, Dayna seemingly implied that Tom was rude to her because of his tense relationship with Stassi. “(Don’t like the daughter… take it out on her mother) not nice,” she also added. Yikes!

Outside of throwing Stassi’s mom some shade, Tom also found himself at the epicenter of drama with former BFF Jax. “[Tom] did a great job [as Best Man]. But, he’s done a lot that people don’t see and it pisses me off,” Jax EXCLUSIVELY told HollywoodLife in a recent interview. “I wish I stuck with my gut instinct and disinvited them. There are some things that Tom does that are below the belt and things you just don’t do to a friend,” he continued.

Though Jax and Tom’s relationship dates back years, the pair are known to have a somewhat tumultuous relationship — just like Gossip Girl characters Blair and Serena. Specifically around the wedding, Tom called out Jax for his choice of pastor, who was known to have made inappropriate homophobic comments in the past. Eventually, they fired the pastor and went with Lance Bass — but Tom still took issue with how long Jax took to make the decision. “I don’t dislike him — I just choose to not hang out with him anymore. I’m at a different point in my life,” Jax also told us during the interview.

As for Jax and Brittany, fans finally got to see their romantic wedding day on the Mar. 17 episode of Vanderpump Rules. The episode was a total tear-jerker as the pair said their vows, but the drama quickly escalated after Jax freaked out over a cash bar after dropping $100K on the wedding (and 60 bottles of vodka). Ultimately, Best Man Tom saved the day by tracking down the booze — but Jax noted he would only give him a “B+” for his efforts.

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