‘The Challenge’ Trailer: Jenna & Zach Get In Explosive Fight, Kailah Makes Out With Bear & More

A new trailer for 'The Challenge: Total Madness' is here! In the three-minute sneak peek, Jenna and Zach's relationship takes a brutal hit. Plus, the first footage of Kailah and Bear's hookup and more!

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Things are about to get CRAZY on The Challenge: Total Madness! MTV released a new trailer for the upcoming season on March 18, and it’s jam-packed with three minutes of new footage. Two scenes that stood out in particular involved Challenge vets, Jenna Compono and Kailah Casillas. Jenna is on this season without her longtime boyfriend (and fellow Challenge star), Zach Nichols. The trailer shows the two video chatting, and things get heated. “You’re the person I want to be with — absolutely!” Jenna insists, to which Zach responds, “I don’t believe it! I don’t believe it because everything you’ve ever told me has been a lie!”

At that, Jenna nearly breaks down in tears and looks super defeated. She gets a hug from a fellow cast member after the video call is over, and in the background, TJ Lavin can be heard asking, “You want to quit, Jenna?” It’s unclear what led to this explosive back and forth between Jenna and Zach, and we’ll have to wait until the show airs to see whether or not she decides to leave the game! Of course, fans of The Challenge know that Jenna and Zach got engaged in December 2019, and are happily still together, so clearly, they’re able to work out these issues.

Meanwhile, another buzz=worthy moment is between Kailah and ladies’ man, Stephen Bear. Kailah is seen straddling Bear on a couch as they kiss. However, it looks like things quickly fall apart between these two, as another scene shows Kailah screaming, “You’re a f***boy! And I ruined a relationship for somebody who doesn’t give a f*** about me!” Kailah was in a longterm relationship with her boyfriend, Mikey P, when she went on The Challenge.

Fans caught wind of something happening between Kailah and Bear in Nov. 2019 when she popped up in some of his Instagram videos. Rumors began swirling that she had cheated on Mikey with Bear while filming Total Madness, and it looks like we’ll definitely be getting some answers this season!

There’s PLENTY of more that goes down in the trailer besides this, though — so check it out above! The Challenge: Total Madness premieres on Wed. April 1 at 8:00 p.m. on MTV.