John Mellencamp ‘Excited’ For Daughter Teddi After She Gives Birth To 3rd Baby: ‘He’s A Devoted Grandpa’

Singer John Mellencamp became a grandfather for the fourth time, as 'RHOBH' star daughter Teddi has welcomed a baby girl. He's thrilled that the 'RHOBH' star has another beautiful child.

John and Teddi Mellencamp
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Rocker John Mellencamp became a grandpa for the first time 31 years ago when his then 18-year-old daughter Michelle gave birth to daughter Elexis Suzanne Peach. Three decades later and the 68-year-old is a grandfather yet again! His daughter Teddi Mellencamp‘s new bundle of joy arrived on Feb. 25, 2020, when she gave birth to daughter Dove. She’s the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star’s first daughter, as Teddi and husband Eddie Arroyave have two sons, Slate, 7, and Cruz, 5.

“Teddi adores her dad, she’s very close to him. Even though he doesn’t live in LA, they talk nearly every day. He’s her biggest fan, he watches every episode [of RHOBH] because she’s on it. He’s a very devoted grandfather, the kids are crazy about him and he’s crazy about them. He’s elated to have another baby in the family,” a source tells EXCLUSIVELY.

“Teddi and her dad John are really close, they talk all of the time. He’s always checking in on her, as any father does with their daughter, despite the fact that she’s a grown adult. John is just dad to Teddi despite his fame, and they have a pretty normal daughter and father relationship. She doesn’t view him as famous or anything like that. They’re very close. He was excited for this third baby for Teddi and their family,” a  second source explains EXCLUSIVELY.

Teddi, 38, had a super productive day on Feb. 25. She was up at 5am to take a Peleton bike class in her home gym, then headed to the hospital to have her baby. She revealed via her Instagram stories that she was “screaming and crying” from the contractions before being given an epidural. Just over 12 hours after Teddi was at home working out, Dove entered the world at 5:59pm, measuring 19.5 inches and weighing 6lbs 8oz.

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