Tana Mongeau Reveals If She’d Ever Sleep With Logan Paul After Viral Dating Prank

Tana Mongeau finally broke her silence after it was revealed that her lunch date with her ex Jake Paul's brother, Logan Paul, was just a 'social experiment.'

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Social media sensation Tana Mongeau is finally setting the record straight on those viral dating rumors that circulated after her faux lunch date with her ex Jake Paul‘s, 23, older brother, Logan Paul, 24, on Feb. 17. “I am so happy I can finally talk about this s**t with Logan,” the YouTuber, 21, shared EXCLUSIVELY with HollywoodLife. Without hesitating, Tana revealed that she “would never f**k Logan Paul.  And the fact that everyone thought I would is so crazy,” she continued. But there was a reason behind why Tana and Logan got so cozy together on that memorable lunch date. 

The Internet personality went on to explain that she and Logan “just wanted to do a little social experiment. We wanted to see if we were photographed together out one time in a slightly cutesy way, if it would, like, break the internet, if people would be mad about it, what would happen,” she confessed. Much like Logan, Tana really “just wanted to troll, I guess.” Breaking down the entire scheme, Tana explained that “Logan came to me with this idea. I definitely would not just wake up and be like, I want to fake date Logan today.”

Tana’s assertion that Logan was the mastermind behind the whole plan was corroborated when the YouTuber took to his own channel on Feb. 19, sharing a video that explained the whole plot. “You and I should get in a fake relationship in front of the paparazzi and troll the entire internet,” Logan explained to Tana in the video, entitled “Dating My Brother’s Ex-Wife.” Naturally, Tana was totally in on the idea and what resulted was photographers capturing flirty images of the pair, such as the one below.

tana mongeau logan paul
Tana Mongeau and Logan Paul captured together after their Feb. 17 lunch date [BACKGRID].
What’s more, the prank definitely had the desired effect. While producing his Feb. 18 podcast episode for Impaulsive, Logan’s brother and Tana’s ex, Jake, burst into the recording studio completely unannounced to confront Logan about the PDA photos. Jake and Tana had a whirlwind romance and became engaged and married over the course of June and July 2019, holding their nuptials in Las Vegas.

Five months later, the couple announced they would be “taking a break” from their marriage. Jake didn’t seem particularly amused by the prank, asking his brother “why’d you hook-up with my wife?” Fortunately, Tana confirmed that “everything is great now,” and that she never had “anything with ill will or malice towards him [Jake] or to hurt him.”