Jake Paul & Tana Mongeau ‘Taking A Break’ 5 Mos. After Tying The Knot: ‘This Is Weird’

YouTube's royal couple is 'taking a break' -- on the friendliest terms possible. Tana Mongeau broke the sad news on Instagram, just days after revealing she's 'so unhappy' with how the public perceives her marriage with Jake Paul.

Tana Mongeau, Jake Paul
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Tana Mongeau, 21, and Jake Paul, 22, are entering 2020 single. Following the YouTubers’ engagement and Las Vegas wedding that spanned a matter of weeks between June and July of 2019, which led many fans to question their relationship’s authenticity, Tana and Jake are stepping back from their whirlwind romance. As expected, the unconventional couple’s breakup announcement was anything but conventional — they couldn’t help but laugh while penning the big news. “Ok i don’t rly know how to do a ‘we’re taking a break’ post & this is weird as f–k… i’m happy to still be able to sit with Jake and laugh as we do this- but for right now we both are taking a break to focus on our own very crazy lives…,” Tana announced to her five million Instagram fans.

Tana insisted that she “made a best friend for life” and “found someone to do life with when no one understood [her].” She’s also, apparently, the new owner of Jake’s Lamborghini, since she gets “half of everything.” Tana declared her love for Jake in the announcement, and the former Disney Channel star reflected his ex’s friendly tone in his Instagram post.

“As Tana and I sit next to each other writing captions about taking a break we’re literally laughing at how crazy and stupid the past couple months have been and cracking jokes at how silly this all seems,” Jake admitted in his post. As proof, the announcement went under a photo of the YouTuber cuddling with Tana and their dog Thor, whom he’s “keeping custody of.” Tana, on the other hand, “unfortunately gets my Lamborghini😅,” Jake added. Like Tana also noted, he said they’re “best friends,” and he even left an adorable side note: “p.s our friends started playing sad music while we were writing these captions and we all started laughing our a–es off.. this is bitter sweet but it’s what’s best for us right now.” Both Tana and Jake begged fans to resist the temptation of speculating over why they split — you can read their full messages below.



Just four days before announcing the break, Tana admitted that the public’s perception of her marriage took its toll on her. “I’m so unhappy with the way my relationship with Jake looks in the public eye and I’ve done so much pretending that I don’t care what I do,” Tana admitted in the vulnerable video uploaded on Dec. 30, titled “the truth about everything.”

That was just one of many confessions. “The second Jake and I got married, everything changed,” Tana later said, adding, “I think the second he said, ‘I do,’ to me, he was like, ‘Now what?’ I think he was also over it. I don’t blame him, but it left me clinging, trying to make this work…Everything just started to fall apart.” The wedding night “was just hell” for Tana, and she even had to opt out of their honeymoon, since her dad had a stroke on the night of the wedding.

The marriage’s open status posed another difficulty for Tana. “I feel like an open relationship with Jake was him being able to have sex with a new b— every night, which I am not blaming him,” she explained. “I was the one green lighting everything because I just wanted to make him happy. And letting it kill me. You can only let something kill you for so long until it’s actually going to f— kill you,” Tana told her over five million YouTube subscribers.

Tana made a point to reiterate how happy she was with Jake, an attitude that matched her EXCLUSIVE interview with HollywoodLife nearly two months before taking a break from the former Bizaardvark star. We asked Tana about her marriage at the Logan Paul vs. KSI boxing match in Nov. 2019, and she told us, “Honestly? It’s going well. Too well. It’s almost like, I wake up everyday like, ‘Okay, something bad has to happen now. Things are really chill, really fun right now.”

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