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Justin Bieber’s Fans Think Hailey May Be Pregnant After Baby Coos In Song On New Album

Among all the romantic odes and fire tracks on Justin Bieber's new album 'Changes,' one sound grabbed fans' attention the most: baby talk! Yes, a literal baby, not Justin and Hailey whispering to each other.

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Justin Bieber, Hailey Baldwin
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It’s been five years since Justin Bieber’s last albums, and to say he’s gone through some major Changes would be an understatement. The biggest change of all is the ring on his finger, and Mr. Hailey Bieber (née Baldwin) paid tribute to his new wife throughout this album that dropped on Feb. 14. However, fans are now wondering if the married couple has already taken the next step and is expecting a baby — they’re convinced there’s an Easter egg in Justin’s new song, “All Around Me,” that suggests this! At the very end of the track, a baby can be heard coo’ing before the song fades out.

“At the end of “all around me” there’s a sound of a baby 🥺 is there going to be a baby soon?” one fan asked on Twitter, while another tweeted, “holddddd uppppp at the end of “all around me”there was a baby sound IS @justinbieber A DAD !!!!!!!” The curiosity trickled throughout Twitter; one listener even went ahead and declared, “@justinbieber and @haileybieber are pregnant. That’s my guess. At the end of All Around Me, there’s a baby sound. That can only mean one thing…. Biebs is about to be a dad 💕.”

While notions of a baby remain purely speculative, Justin’s lyrics in “All Around Me” certainly make it clear that Justin is smitten with Hailey — AKA, the perfect mood to create a family! “From my home to the road /  I’ll make sure you’re comfortable / You make sure I’m comfortable / Our love’s unconditional / I need you all around me,” Justin sings in the post-chorus. He even declares in one verse, “Never thought I could ever be loyal to someone other than myself.” A pregnancy isn’t exactly a far-fetched idea, either, since Justin has been vocal about wanting to be a father one day (however, he revealed he wasn’t “in a rush” in July of 2019). HollywoodLife has reached out to Justin and Hailey’s reps after the new surge of pregnancy rumors.

Justin previously discussed his romance with Hailey in “10,000 Hours,” his collaboration with country music stars Dan + Shay. The song is about the time it takes for the men to master the art of love (I’d spend ten thousand hours and ten thousand more /  Oh, if that’s what it takes to learn that sweet heart of yours”) and the video features their respective wives. Justin also seemingly references Hailey in “Intentions,” his song with Quavo. “Picture perfect, you don’t need no filter / Gorgeous, make ’em drop dead, you a killer,” Justin sings on the chorus. “Shout-out to your mom and dad for makin’ you / Standin’ ovation, they did a great job raisin’ you.”

Before the release of Justin’s ode to their love, his and Hailey’s romance was put in the spotlight, both in his Justin Bieber: Seasons YouTube docuseries and also with Hailey’s interview with Elle. Hailey admitted that the first year of marriage was a rough experience because of her husband’s health issues. “He was really sick. He has Lyme disease, and he was dealing with a bunch of medical stuff. We didn’t have a diagnosis. And it was hard because everybody from the outside was being super mean and judgmental, saying he looked like he was on drugs, saying how unhealthy he looked, when in truth, he was not healthy and we didn’t know why.”

“It was months of me being a new wife trying to help him figure out what was wrong and what was going on,” she continued, revealing that Justin’s health issues were why they delayed their ceremonial wedding a year after they tied the knot in a NYC courthouse. “Now he’s perfectly healthy. But going through that and then trying to be like, ‘So where does our wedding fit into this?’ didn’t feel like the vibe at all. We went straight into figuring out the hard stuff. Because you never know what can happen with someone’s health.” Since then, Justin has gotten his head and health in order, which led to him finally saying “I do” in front of all their family and friends.