Tommy Lee’s Feelings About Ex Pam Anderson’s 12-Day Marriage To Jon Peters Revealed

Tommy Lee is 'very much aware' of what's going on with ex Pamela Anderson -- whom he shares sons Brandon and Dylan -- but is busy in his own life with wife Brittany Furlan!

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Tommy Lee, 57, has some feelings about his ex Pamela Anderson, 52, and her recent 12-day marriage to 74-year-old Jon Peters. “Tommy is also very much aware of what Pam has been up to in her love life but he really couldn’t care less,” a source spills to HollywoodLife EXCLUSIVELY. “He chooses to be as far removed from it as possible. As long as she is not hurt he is OK with it because, at the end of the day, she is still the mother of his children,” they added, referencing Tommy and Pamela’s sons Brandon, 23, and Dylan, 22. Pamela shocked the world when she announced her sudden nuptials to Jon on Jan. 20, only to announce a split less than two weeks later. The couple — who dated back in the 1980’s after meeting at the Playboy Mansion — never filed a legal marriage certificate.

As for Tommy, the Motley Crue drummer has plenty on his plate as he prepares to celebrate his one-year anniversary with wife Brittany Furlan, 33, and get ready for a North American tour. “Tommy’s life is devoted to Brittany and getting back with the Crue for their huge summer tour…He’s almost 60-years-old and he is very content that a life with Brittany is the way to go,” the insider adds. “And, though everyone knows that he has some major history with Pam especially having kids with her and getting back together with her a few times in the past, that is what it is, the past. It has been over a decade since they were anything and leaving the past in the past is the road that Tommy is taking when it comes to Pam.” Pamela and Tommy married in 1995 after only four days of knowing each other, eventually divorcing in 1998.

While Tommy and Brittany aren’t currently planning to have kids of their own, he’s also focused on getting his relationship on track with sons Dylan and Brandon. “When it comes to his children, they are adults and are able to make their own decisions on their own life,” the source spills. “They have had their disagreements and arguments and they don’t talk all the time and there is some strain still, but he loves them with all his heart and their relationship is something that is worked on every day even if they don’t talk every day.”

Being a good dad is top of mind for Tommy, the insider added. “Regardless of his relationship with Brittany, or Pam’s relationships with anyone, he knows that when it comes to the kids and that relationship, they can separate for the greater good,” the source continued. “Though it is far from perfect, Tommy is working to get back to a better place with his kids who clearly are mostly always on their mother’s side.”

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