‘The Bachelor’ Recap: Peter Eliminates 2 Girls & Decides Which 4 Hometowns He’ll Visit

It's the final episode before hometown dates on 'The Bachelor,' and Peter makes two major cuts as he reveals which four families he'll meet on Feb. 17.

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Six women are left on the Feb. 10 episode of The BachelorNatasha Parker, Madison Prewett, Victoria Fuller, Kelley Flanagan, Hannah Ann Sluss and Kelsey Weir. The ladies and Peter Weber head to Peru, and the first date is a one-on-one for Madison. It’s been a while since their last one-on-one, but things pick up where they left off. Madison assures Peter that she’s very serious about a future with him, and that validation is important to him. However, there’s still one serious conversations that Peter and Madison haven’t had, and she’s worried that it could make or break the relationship.

Over dinner, Madison brings up how important family and faith is to her. She explains that she’s looking for someone who has the same values as her when it comes to faith, especially when in terms of raising a family. Peter admits that he does feel like his faith could be stronger sometimes, but insists that it’s still something that’s very important to him. His feelings for Madison are super clear, and he even lets her know that he’s falling in love with her…before she even says it to him! Of course, he gives her the rose, and she happily accepts, which means he’ll meet her family on hometown dates next week.

The next date is (finally) a one-on-one for Natasha, who hasn’t had one yet. They explore a local town, and Peter praises Natasha for being honest all season, even when it came to calling him out sometimes. Going into the nighttime portion of the date, Peter doesn’t know if he’s far enough along with Natasha to meet her family. She tells him that she sees something really special with him, but he’s not on the same page. At the end of the night, Peter sends Natasha home.

The final one-on-one is for Kelsey. They have a fun day riding ATVs, and eventually, the conversation turns to plans for kids and the future. Over dinner, Kelsey has something big to tell Peter about her family. She explains that her dad won’t be at hometowns if she brings Peter home. She didn’t have a good relationship with her dad after he divorced her mom and left the family. However, a year ago, she started seeing him again, but has yet to tell her mom. It’s an emotional conversation, but Peter respects Kelsey’s honesty, and at the end of the night, he gives her the rose.

Finally, it’s time for a three-on-one with Hannah Ann, Kelley and Victoria. Kelley goes into the date super confident — she doesn’t think Hannah Ann is ready for marriage, and she thinks Victoria is a “hot mess.” Peter chats with Hannah Ann first, and she wants to prove to him that she’s ready to let down her walls. She reads him a list of reasons why she’s falling in love with him, and he clearly appreciates it.

Next, Kelley admits to Peter that she’s frustrated over only getting one on-on-one date, while all the other remaining girls have had two. Peter continues to express his concern about whether or not Kelley is on the show to find a husband, and not just to have fun. She insists that she’s committed to him, and behind the scenes, reveals that she’s super confident that she’ll get a rose.

Meanwhile, Victoria has a bit of a breakdown over her fear of going home. Her and Peter’s last one-on-one ended a bit weird, and he’s admittedly confused. Victoria accuses Peter of being “in a mood” every time they’re together, and admits she doesn’t feel that they’re moving forward. Things are pretty tense between the two of them, and Peter says he’s still having some doubts.

However, he still makes the decision to give Victoria the first rose of the night. He explains that he appreciates her honesty and loves what they have together. He gives the second rose to Hannah Ann, which means Kelley is eliminated (and blindsided). Next week, Peter will travel across the country to meet Madison, Victoria, Hannah Ann and Kelsey’s families.

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