‘The Bachelor’ Recap: Peter Eliminates Nearly Half Of The Women & Hopes To End The Drama For Good

Peter trusts his gut and sends FOUR women home as the group heads to Chile on the Feb. 5 episode of 'The Bachelor.'

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For the Feb. 5 episode of The BachelorPeter Weber and the remaining ten women head to Chile for the next set of dates. There’s some immediate tension between Mykenna and Victoria F., who accuses Mykenna of being selfish for stealing Peter for alone time when there was no cocktail party in the previous episode. Luckily, Peter steps in and the drama is tabled, as he asks Hannah Ann out for a one-on-one date. Interestingly, it’s her second one-on-one date this season, while Mykenna, Natasha and Tammy have yet to get a one-on-one.

Peter and Hannah Ann spent the day exploring Santiago. Peter is admittedly a little concerned about Hannah Ann’s age (she’s only 23). She reveals that she’s never “fully been” in love, which makes Peter worry that she might not be ready for a lifelong commitment. He questions her about her past relationships, and Hannah assures him that this is something she definitely wants. Still, Peter is noticeably concerned about whether or not he has a deep enough connection with Hannah Ann, and he even has to step away from the date to gather himself.

She eventually approaches him in tears, and lets him know that this process has been very hard for her because she cares about him so much. Hannah Ann even admits she’s “starting to fall in love” with Peter, and that openness is what he wanted from her all along. At the end of the night, Peter gives her the rose.

Back at the hotel, it’s revealed that Sydney, Natasha, Kelsey, Victoria P, Madison, Tammy, Kelley and Mykenna will be on the group date. The second date card reveals that Victoria F. will get a second one-on-one because Peter doesn’t feel like they had a “fair chance” on her first solo date (it was full of drama since Victoria’s ex, Chase Rice, was a performer on the date). Mykenna is super upset, and considers going home, but in the end, she sticks around.

On the date, the ladies get to act out scenes from a soap opera. All the girls are in agreement that it was a great day. During the nighttime portion, Victoria P. uses her one-on-one time to smooth things over after she got involved with Alayah’s drama. Peter admits that he thinks Victoria is more secure and confident in the relationship than he is, and he tells her that he doesn’t know if he can see her as his wife. Victoria doesn’t hide her frustration, and she leaves on a very bitter note.

As Peter re-connects with Madison, Tammy starts drama with Mykenna by calling her out for almost leaving one day earlier, but then claiming the date was the “best day of her life.” Tammy thinks Mykenna, who’s 22, is too young for the show and isn’t there for the right reasons. It turns into a screaming match, and Mykenna storms out. She warns Peter about Tammy’s accusations, but Peter assures her that he hasn’t gotten any sense that she’s not ready for something serious like Tammy claimed. At the end of the date, Peter gives Madison the rose.

For their one-on-one, Peter and Victoria F. go horseback riding. Things go great on the date, and Peter is more confident in their relationship than ever. However, Victoria admits that she’s been getting in her head a lot about the Bachelor process and how Peter’s dating so many other women. Peter assures her that he’s feeling very strongly for her, but tells her that she needs to be honest with her feelings if she doesn’t see herself taking this any further.

Peter questions why Victoria’s putting walls up if she actually wants to be with him. She worries that she’s not cut out for the show, and he’s left wondering if she even wants to be there. Victoria steps away from their dinner in tears and admits to producers that she doesn’t know if she’s ready for marriage. Eventually, she composes herself and apologizes to Peter. He reassures her that he cares about her and gives her the rose, which she accepts.

Back at the hotel, the girls get another surprise — there’s another date this week, and its’ a 2-on-1 for Mykenna and Tammy. Peter pulls Tammy aside first, and she accuses Mykenna not of not being there for the right reasons. She also lets Peter know that Mykenna almost went home before the last group date. Peter brings up these concerns to Mykenna, but she accuses Tammy of “twisting things” to make her look bad. By the end of the date, Peter lets Mykenna know that he trusts that she had to say, and he eliminates Tammy.

At the rose ceremony, Victoria F., Madison and Hannah Ann are already safe with roses, and Peter gives the remaining roses to: Kelsey, Natasha and Kelley, which means Mykenna and Sydney are also eliminated. The drama continues in Peru during the next episode on Mon. Feb. 10!

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