‘The Bachelor’ Recap: Tension Erupts Between The Women As A Wild Rumor Is Spread

A trip to Costa Rica brings lots of tears on the Feb. 3 episode of 'The Bachelor', as one woman spreads a rumor about another, and others lose out on time with Peter because of it.

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The Feb. 3 episode of The Bachelor picks up amidst the ladies’ anger over Alayah’s return and Peter Weber giving her the group date rose. Peter admittedly feels a strong connection for Alayah, but knows the drama is becoming “too much” for both of them, so he decides to send her home once and for all. Peter apologizes to the other women, and spends the night spending a lot of one-on-one time with them to try and prove that he’s ready to move past everything with Alayah.

At the rose ceremony, Victoria F. and Kelsey already have roses from their one-on-one dates. Peter gives the remaining roses to: Madison, Sydney, Natasha, Lexi, Hannah Ann, Shiann, Mykenna, Victoria P., Kelley and Tammy. Sadly, that means Kiarra, Deandra and Savannah are eliminated. Now, it’s time to officially move on from the drama, as the group heads to Costa Rica for the next set of dates.

Unfortunately, before things can move forward, Peter suffers a bit of a setback — he shows up to meet the girls with a bandage and 22 stitches on his forehead. Peter explains that he hit his head on a golf cart, then accidentally smashed his forehead into a glass that he was holding, which led to the injury. Luckily, he’s okay, and ready for a one-on-one date with Sydney.

They take a romantic helicopter ride to start things off. Then, they enjoy a romantic picnic, and Sydney opens up about her family. Peter also declares that Sydney is the “best kisser” in the house. During the nighttime portion of the date, Sydney talks about her parents’ divorce, how she doesn’t have much of a relationship with her dad, and how she was bullied for being mixed race in high school. After the revealing conversation, Peter gives her the rose. They end the night by stripping down to their swimsuits and making out in the pool.

Meanwhile, back at the resort, Kelsey is beginning to freak out about not knowing where she stands with Peter since he’s dating so many other women. She’s worried that Peter is forming connections with other women, like Sydney, and forgetting about her. The other women in the house start to get annoyed over Kelsey’s moping, and are worried that Peter isn’t seeing this “crazy” side of her.

Up next is a group date for Shiann, Kelsey, Victoria F., Madison, Natasha, Victoria P., Lexi, Hannah Ann, Tammy and Mykenna. The ladies take part in a photo shoot in a waterfall, with one lucky lady getting chosen to take intimate shots with Peter for a Cosmopolitan cover at the end. During the group shots, Victoria F. and Hannah Ann makeout with Peter, which furthers Kelsey’s anxiety. In the end, Victoria F. is chosen as the winner for the cover shoot.

During the nighttime portion of the date, Kelsey reveals some of her concerns to Peter, and admits that the reason she’s freaking out so much is because she’s falling in love with him. He gives her validation that he is serious about their relationship.

Still, Tammy is tired of all of Kelsey’s complaining, and wants to make sure that Peter knows every side of her. She tells Peter that Kelsey had a “mental breakdown” over his date with Sydney, and accuses Kelsey of “drinking excessively multiple times.” Peter confronts Kelsey with these claims, and she’s upset that someone was talking about her to him behind her back.

Kelsey brings this up to the entire group, and several other women call her out for being selfish because she did have a one-on-one date already, while others didn’t even get that chance. It turns into a bit of a back and forth argument, with Natasha, Lexi and Victoria F. openly siding with Tammy. At the end of the night, Peter gives the group date rose to Hannah Ann.

Finally, it’s time for Kelley’s one-on-one date. Peter admittedly feels like his relationship with Kelley has plateaued a bit, and he feels that he’s putting more into it than she is. He isn’t clear about whether or not she’s really dedicated to the process. They work to further their connection and trust in each other on the date.

During the nighttime portion, Peter and Kelley have a serious conversation about what they both want out of this process. He lets her know that he doesn’t want to move forward if she isn’t looking for a life partner, and Kelley admits she was irked by Peter’s decision to “reward” drama from Alayah. She admits that, at this point, she would not be ready to get engaged to Peter, but assures him that, if their relationship grows, she would definitely take that step. By the end of the night, she agrees to trust the process, and Peter gives her the rose.

Back at the house, Kelsey and Tammy discuss their issues, and it turns into a bitter argument over how much Kelsey drinks. The chat ends with Kelsey in tears, as Tammy storms off. The next day, Kelsey takes it upon herself to confront Peter in his hotel room. He assures her that he knows what they have is real, and he’s not worried about what any of the other girls might say. She lets him know that Tammy has been spreading rumors about her drinking and even accused her of “popping pills,” so she wants to make sure that Peter knows the truth before Tammy gets in his ear. Peter tells Kelsey that it means so much to him that she came to him with this information, and he gives her a rose on the spot, officially putting her mind at ease. Naturally, most of the other girls are not happy to see Kelsey randomly show up with a rose.

Peter decides to forego the cocktail party and go straight into a rose ceremony. Some of the women, like Mykenna, Tammy and Lexi, think Kelsey’s conversation with Peter is the reason for this decision, and they blame her for stealing their one-on-one time. It leads to an argument between multiple women, as Tammy is called out for spreading a rumor about Kelsey “popping pills.” Several ladies get frustrated with Tammy for changing her story about where she heard the rumor, and the argument somehow spirals into a fight between Tammy and Sydney.

At the rose ceremony, Kelley, Kelsey and Sydney are already set with roses. Before Peter can continue, though, Tammy pulls him aside for a chat, and their conversation is interrupted by Mykenna, who also wants a chance to talk to him. Finally, Peter gives his remaining six roses to: Victoria F., Madison, Natasha, Victoria P., Mykenna and Tammy. So, the two women who are eliminated are: Shiann and Lexi. Before leaving, Shiann warns Peter that some of the girls are not “what they seem,” but she does not name names. The show continues with a special two hour episode on Wed. Feb. 5.

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