J.J. Watt’s ‘Kristoff’ Steers Clear Of ‘Olaf’s Extra Carrot In Hilarious ‘Frozen’ Themed Sketch On ‘SNL’

J.J. Watt took stepped right into Arendelle as Anna's handsome prince, adding a whole new spin to the classic tune 'Do You Want To Build A Snowman?'

J.J. Watt, 30, just went from football star to fairy tale royalty! The Houston Texan showed up mid-way through SNL‘s take on Disney’s Frozen II, and had us wishing he was in the real deal. “Is anyone there? Elsa? Kristoff? Olaf? I’m gay?” Kate McKinnon‘s Elsa opened the sketch, as sister Anna came to her rescue. “I don’t know what way we’re going, north, south, gay or straight.” Of course, the double entendre played on the speculation around Elsa’s sexuality in the film, with many considering the the song “Let It Go” to be the Princess’ way of coming out. “Are you gay?” Anna then asked, as Elsa responded, “NO! I’m not anything!” as she announced that she was planning to “freeze her eggs” come Frozen 3. We think that might be a first in an animated Disney flick, but hey, it’s 2020.

“We all know, we all know, we’ve all known since you were tween — when dressed as Brienne of Tarth three Halloweens in a row,” Anna sang back, referencing Gwendoline Christie‘s epic Game of Thrones character. “The lack of any romantic interest hasn’t bothered me anyway,” Elsa confidently responded, as J.J.’s Kristoff entered the picture with a brand new original song. “Big and woke, big and woke, I’m a humungous, sensitive oaf,” he hilariously sang, adding that he’s a “new kind of prince.” Elsa chimed in that he’s “not a bro,” (exactly what every football star wants to hear), while leading lady Anna added that he’s “gentle at first, but really can’t –,” before getting cut off!

Beloved character Olaf also made an appearance and looked like he grew up since the last time we saw him. Thrilled to see his usual gang, the friends quickly took note of his, um, extra carrot below the belt. “Hey, Olaf, what’s that second carrot?” J.J.’s Kristoff wondered. “I guess I’m just growing up before your very eyes!” the lovable snowman announced, reminding the crowd that carrots are “good for your vision.” Why do we have a feeling we’ll never look at carrots the same again? “That thing is bigger than a coke can!” Kristoff sang back, adding a whole new twist on the classic, “Do You Want To Build A Snowman?”

A relatively quiet Sven stood by during the entire debacle, seemingly unaware of what was going on. “I love carrots!” he hilariously announced at the end of the sketch.

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