Venus Williams Reveals How She Stays Positive As She Launches Sportswear Line

Venus Williams is launching her first ever Neon Dreams collection as part of her EleVen sportswear brand. And it's helping her to stay positive on and off the tennis court!

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Image Credit: Courtesy of EleVen

Venus Williams revealed how she stays positive when a match is not going her way shortly, before her appearance at the Australian Open on Jan. 20. The 39-year-old spoke to HollywoodLife in an EXCLUSIVE interview as she launched her first ever Neon Dreams collection, which mixes fashion with function and bright neon colors. The tennis pro has been drumming up attention for the exciting collection, which she launched on Jan. 20 as part of her EleVen Spring 2020 activewear line.

The athlete shared the inspiration behind her line and also dished on how she keeps moving forward when a tennis match gets difficult. Her comments came just a day before her Australian Open defeat. Coco Gauff, 15 – who told HollywoodLife last year that she has long “looked up” to Venus – beat the tennis legend in the gripping match. In the face of defeat, however, the Californian’s tactic is always to “stay positive.” “Give it the best that I can and leave it all out on the court,” is the attitude that she adopts when a match is not going her way, she said.

Venus has taken that positive outlook and poured it into her collection, which includes jackets, dresses, tank tops, sports bras and accessories. In addition to the Spring 2020 line, there will be two more new collections in Spring/Summer and then Fall/ Winter. And with prices that range from $29 to $169 the clothes are pretty accessible to her millions of fans. “Neon Dreams embodies the ambitious and energetic feeling that comes with the start of a new year and [I] loved including pops of bright, electrifying colors to represent that,” she said.

Venus Williams activewear line Australian Open
Venus Williams is wearing the Neon Dreams Zoom Tank Top with the Neon Dreams Mirror Skirt. (Photo credit: Courtesy of EleVen)

“I started EleVen because I wanted to create high quality fitness and tennis gear for women who are all about being fierce and fabulous,” Venus said about the brand that she created in 2012. “I was also having a difficult time finding pieces that I loved that merged fashion and function in the activewear space. So I decided to take these two worlds – fashion and sports – that I love being apart of so much, and merged them together to create EleVen.”

“EleVen is all about going that one step further,” she added. “Why be a 10 when you can be an 11? I think it is so important to provide a community of encouragement, empowerment and positivity in a world where there are so many things that can bring us down, especially as a woman. I wanted to create, not just a brand, but a lifestyle that breaks through the chaos and negativity and focuses on the fun, exciting potential that this life has to offer.”

In addition to breaking down her new collection, Venus also dished on her positive outlook for the new year ahead. “This year, I felt an extra sense of inspiration as to what I needed to focus on in 2020. As the saying goes, ‘There’s much more joy in giving than receiving’. So, I’ve concluded that it’s equally as important to focus on what I’m bringing to the new year, as what I want to get out of it!”

“NO FEAR!” she boldly exclaimed. “Fear is not welcome in 2020 and I am leaving it behind. I can see more clearly than ever that there is no need to be afraid. Letting that fear drop has led me directly to the excitement and knowledge of what I can achieve and the joy that accompanies it.” The elder sister of Serena Williams continued, “Gratitude! There are too many things I take for granted, like getting to do what I love, enjoying good health, or simply being happy.”

There’s one more thing that Venus vows to focus on in 2020 – attitude. “Which conveniently rhymes with gratitude, but it’s just a whole lot bolder,” she said. “I have insisted upon myself that I MUST bring even more passion and belief to everything I do. The attitude is in the execution. Whether it’s bold and unwavering play on the court, or decisiveness and confidence in business, I am planning on bringing my very best, all day, every day.”

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