Pamela Anderson, 52, Recreates Her Iconic ‘Baywatch’ Run For New Ad & She’s Never Looked Better

Pamela Anderson's still got it! She donned a plunging wetsuit and recreated her famous 'Baywatch' run for a new commercial.

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Pamela Anderson
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Image Credit: BACKGRID

Pamela Anderson made the sexy slow-motion run across the beach famous on Baywatch, and it caused her to become a worldwide sensation. And guess what? At 52, Pamela can still do that sexy jog. She hit the beach in Australia for an Ultra Tune car care commercial, and brought back her slow-mo run for the Aussie company’s “Unexpected Situations” 2020 campaign. The commercial was shot along the country’s Gold Coast in late Nov. 2019 and now we’re getting to see the final product.

In the ad that dropped on Jan. 17, Australian Rules Football legend Warwick Capper, 56, is driving his dune buggy down the beach when he first spies the blonde beauty. She’s wearing an extremely low-cut black wetsuit, which shows off her famous cleavage. He then takes off his sunglasses in shock, and asks, “Pamela Anderson?” She then smiles back at him, and he can’t keep his eyes off of her. Soon, the steering wheel breaks, sending his rig into the surf line and it gets stuck in the sand. Pam gives a hearty laugh, then we get a look at her squad of red one-piece swimsuit-wearing lifeguard beauties.

Soon, a giant tidal wave appears and sweeps Warwick out to sea. “Here we go again,” Pam declares, as he calls out her name for help. Then comes the magical moment as Pamela leads her team of lady lifeguards with a slow-motion run towards the water. It’s like time never stopped in the 23 years since she left Baywatch. Her blonde locks float behind her and that plunging wetsuit gives the same visual of her chest that her red swimsuit once did.

The four gorgeous lifeguards get on paddle boards and pull Warwick back onto shore. Soon an Ultra Tune repairman arrives to work on the car, but ends up being the one to give mouth to mouth resuscitation to the sporting legend. “You’re not Pamela!” Warwick exclaims, before smiling and saying, “Ahh, well!” “Avoid unexpected situations. Get your car serviced at Ultra Tune,” Pam says while giving the camera a super sultry look.

The company is so proud of Pam being their 2020 celebrity spokeswoman that they’ve been teasing still photos from the commercial for over a month on their Instagram account, beginning on Dec. 11, 2019.  Their star-studded “Unexpected Situations” campaign in the past has featured the likes of Charlie Sheen, Jean-Claude Van Damme and Mike Tyson.