Sofia Richie Showers With Nico Tortorella For Sexy New Bite Beauty Campaign Video — Watch

Look away Scott Disick! Sofia Richie is hitting the shower with 'Younger' hottie Nico Tortorella for a new beauty campaign. Watch them get wet together in a sexy new advertisement.

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Sofia Richie and Nico Tortorella
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Sofia Richie can add a new brand ambassador title to her resume in 2020. She’s the face of BITE Beauty’s new Changemaker Micellar Foundation and the ad campaign for it is HOT! In a YouTube video released on Jan. 10, Sofia, 21, hits the shower and is later joined by handsome 31-year-old Younger star Nico Tortorella, as they get soaked while their foundation stays flawless. The video’s caption on YouTube reads, “Watch Sofia Richie and Nico Tortorella get clean. What’s The New Face of Clean? It’s a flawless complexion paired with a bold lip. It’s the super satisfying combination of can’t-stop-won’t-stop performance with look-at-me-now color…shower not included.” What a shame about that last part!

Sofia is initially seen getting into the shower with a flawless complexion and just a bright red lip for glam. She’s not naked though, wearing a black halter and a big gold statement necklace and bracelet. She’s turns on the water and is soon joined by two female pals as they run their hands through their wet hair and their clothes get soaked. But their foundation stays flawless, showing perfect skin on their faces.

Soon Nico and another man hop into the shower with them, and now and it’s a party! The handsome actor uses the nozzle to spray himself down with water, soaking his white t-shirt while also getting the rest of the shower crew a good hose down as they all dance. Interspersed between the shower scenes are shots of the new foundation products and the lines “Dirty? No Thank you,” and “Clean, yes please” appearing on-screen.  Over the video of the wet stars dancing in the shower, the words “Bold,” “Addictive,” “High Performance,” and “Vegan,” flash across the screen underneath them.

But who’s looking at the words when there’s a wet Sofia Richie and Nico Tortorella dancing away in a shower together! However there’s nothing hot going down between the pair outside of getting soaked together, as Sofia has been happily dating Scott Disick, 36, for several years and Nico just got married in 2018.