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How Push-Ups Are The Ultimate Tone Up For Your Arms & Abs: Tips From Ex-Ballerina

There are tons of exercise & workout trends that people swear by, but sometimes it's the simple moves that work the best & trainers Joseph & Nada Foley, shared with HollywoodLife EXCLUSIVELY, why push-ups are the ideal move to tone you up!

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Image Credit: Punch Pedal House

One of the most tried and true exercises that have been around for ages are push-ups, and trainers, Joseph and Nada Foley from Punch Pedal House, shared with HollywoodLife EXCLUSIVELY, why they are the ultimate workout. Joseph, a former Division-1 football player, and Nada, an ex-ballerina, started the workout studio Punch Pedal House and are both in amazing shape, all thanks to classic workout moves. Nada shared the best workouts you can do without splurging on a gym membership, “Running is amazing. We also suggest strength training with push-ups and sit-ups along with planks. There are so many options with it. We always simply say the basics because it is the foundation of fitness. It can be running, jump rope, biking, push-ups, sit-ups, etc. Imagine you start off with two push-ups today, you will be at 50 in a set in three months if you focus. It is the same with running. Run a half mile before you hammer out 10 miles. You need to start off smart.” Meanwhile, Joseph shared his ideal workouts, which are, “Biking, swimming, running, and core workouts.”

If you’ve set new year’s resolutions regarding fitness, Joseph and Nada revealed that aside from working out, it takes a lot of patience and a healthy lifestyle to see results. As for how to stick with your goals, Nada suggests, “Take it one day at a time and make a plan. There is no need to start going 6-7 days a week when you haven’t made a routine. You might burn-out and quit in February. You should set yourself up for success 2-3 times a week then add another day at the end of the month.”

Meanwhile, Joey revealed, “Make your healthy lifestyle not a chore, start your morning off with a healthy routine for your body and mind. Start with a meditation once you wake up, followed by a stretch. Then have a small snack and go for a short run, 1-3 miles, then start your day.” Other healthy tips they shared include, “Drink your veggies and eat your fruits,” as well as “Try to drink 8oz of water every hour and have small snacks with moderate meals throughout the day.” Joey continued saying, “Keep it simple in the beginning and build into an elite athlete.”

Trainers, Joseph & Nada Foley from Punch Pedal House, shared with HollywoodLife EXCLUSIVELY, how push-ups are the ultimate exercise to tone your arms & abs. (Courtesy of Punch Pedal House)

In regard to building yourself into an athlete, Joey admitted, “We suggest you try Punch Pedal as it is a basic of group fitness and it allows you to be guided without the heavy fees. If you don’t have access to us, swim, run, or bike a few miles a week and build. The best way is to take your time, you want to be healthy and safe without injuries.”