Drake Admits He Has ‘No Desire’ To Forgive Pusha T & Kanye West For Exposing His Son

More than two years after Drake and Pusha T were embroiled in one of the biggest rap feuds ever, Drizzy is opening up about the beef and why he has no plans to forgive Pusha OR Kanye West.

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Drake is not going to end his feud with Pusha T any time soon…or ever. “I have no desire to ever mend anything with that person,” Drake said on the Rap Radar podcast. “That situation just went where it went. There’s no turning back.” The feud between Drake and Pusha T took a wild turn in May 2018, when Pusha released his Drizzy diss track, “The Story of Adidon,” and told the world that the rapper secretly had a child with Sophie Brussaux the year before.

“I’ll say this — I tip my hat to the chess move,” Drake admitted. “It was a genius play in the game of chess and definitely warranted my first “loss” in the competitive sport of rapping. [It was] by choice, obviously, because I bowed out after realizing that the gap between us allowed him to drop a bomb on the world that became all anyone cared about.” Drake explained that Pusha’s actual song didn’t impress him, but the content in it was something he would never be able to one-up his nemesis on.

“He told the world that the biggest artist at the time has a kid that he hasn’t told you about,” Drizzy said. “I know, for me, it was over at that point. It wasn’t about battle rap at that point — the information was too shocking.” He later added, “I realize that nobody really cares about this guy, so there’s nothing else I can really say that’s bigger than Drake has a baby. He won off of that bomb.”

At the time that Pusha released “The Story Of Adidon,” he was working with Kanye West in the studio. Drake previously made it clear that he thinks that ‘Ye is the one who told Pusha that his son existed, and he admitted in the Rap Radar interview that he has no plans to patch things up with him, either.

“I think that he definitely recruited a guy with a similar dislike for me,” Drake said. “No matter what he says in interviews, I know that. He can tell whoever, ‘Oh, I got love for [Drake],’ but it’s not love. There’s something there that bothers him deeply. I can’t fix that for him. It just is what it is. I can never, ever, ever, ever turn my back on the things that I’ve said about him in a positive light, and I still feel all of those things. I would still say that Kanye West is my favorite artist all around. I have no problem saying that. But things have just changed — I’m not just a kid who’s a fan anymore. Now we have personal situations. A lot of his issues with me…I can’t fix them for him.”

Regarding whether or not he’ll ever forgive Kanye, he concluded, “No, not really, because it’s not on my end. I have no problem with any of these guys.” Check out the full interview above!