Jennifer Lopez Admits She Wants To Play Batman After Robert Pattinson Scored The Iconic Role: ‘Why Not?’

In Variety's 'Actors On Actors' segment, Jennifer Lopez revealed that she, too, would love to don the costume of the dark knight and take on the iconic role of Batman.

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Jennifer Lopez, 50, is a multi-talented performer, there’s no question there. She’s an actress, a dancer and a singer, but could J. Lo be adding superhero to her list of achievements? The Hustlers star sat down with Robert Pattinson, 33, to discuss their movies, processes and future endeavors, where J. Lo let slip that she would love to play Batman, as well. “You’re going to be Batman,” J. Lo ecstatically said to Rob in their Variety ‘Actors On Actors’ interview. “I think you’ll be a great Batman…an awesome Batman,” she continued to gush about her colleague.

And that’s when Rob posed his own prediction! “You too,” Rob said amid her praises. “You would be, as well.” J. Lo, a bit shocked at his admission, totally went with the idea. “I could be Batman too,” she proclaimed. “I could be Batman,” J. Lo reiterated with a ton of vigor, even putting her hands on her hips in a stoic, heroic pose. “Why not?” The conversation then shifted back to their analysis of the character, Bruce Wayne, and his tortured past.

Rob was announced as the next actor to take on the iconic role in May 2019. The Matt Reeves film, which is set for a June 2021 release date, has been filling out with more stars rather quickly. Zoë KravitzPaul DanoAndy Serkis and Jeffrey Wright have all joined the cast thus far. Currently, however, Rob is promoting his latest artistic endeavor The Lighthouse, which he discussed extensively with J. Lo. The actor offered a lot of praise to the “Jenny From The Block” songstress as well for her dynamic, powerful performance. And he’s not the only one.

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Robert Pattinson for Variety [ART STREIBER FOR VARIETY]
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Jennifer Lopez for Variety [ART STREIBER FOR VARIETY]
J. Lo has been earning sweeping critical acclaim for her work in Hustlers and even her co-stars noticed her talent and magnetism as Ramona. “I think [Jennifer]’s performance was incredible,” Keke Palmer shared EXCLUSIVELY with HollywoodLife on Sept. 25. “When people see the preview of the trailer, they might think one thing about the film, but when you watch the movie, you definitely see that Oscar-worthy quality represented.” We certainly think J. Lo is Oscar-worthy, and would definitely be excited to see her take on Batman!

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