Heidi Klum Transforms Into A Terrifying Alien For Her 20th Annual Halloween Party After 13-Hour Process

If you've lost count of time, so has Heidi Klum. After an entire crew applied latex and grotesque makeup on the supermodel for hours, she finally emerged as a cyborg alien. Thankfully, Tom Kaulitz explained the backstory of his wife's costume.

Heidi Klum
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Completely transformed into a robotic alien with its (prosthetic) guts hanging out, Heidi Klum, 46, was the hostess with the mostess at her 20th annual Halloween party. This year, the No.1 Halloween function was held at Cathédrale in New York City on Oct. 31, and sponsored by Svedka and Amazon! Every year, Heidi absolutely slays her costumes and this year was no different. Heidi had everyone guessing all day what she was going to dress up as, because for the first time ever, she got ready for the party, live at the Amazon Prime bookstore in New York City. Everything from her hair to her makeup and prosthetics was done in the storefront window for everyone to see. We were totally shocked and amazed by her costume this year which was complete 180 from her look as Fiona from Shrek that she wore to last year’s shindig.

If you’re still not exactly sure what Heidi was dressed up as, her husband Tom Kaulitz, 30 — who was dressed as a blood-soaked astronaut with a smashed helmet — provided some context. “So I was on a mission in outer space, looking for a new planet, because we almost destroyed ours. So I found her and I brought her back, because I thought she might have some useful information for us,” the Tokio Hotel guitarist told Entertainment Tonight at the unveiling of their extravagant costumes, which was its own spectacle. The couple held hands in a trailer splattered with blood and labeled with biohazard stickers, as if it came straight out of Alien. Heidi had a little less to say at the party, however, who was exhausted by the end of her transformation that took roughly 13 hours.

“I totally lost track of time today. I don’t even know how long this took for me today,” Heidi told ET. Lucky for Tom, his spacesuit getup only took four hours — something he specifically asked for.  His astronaut costume was “nothing compared” to his Halloween costume in 2018, Shrek, which he admitted to the outlet.

Heidi Klum
We wouldn’t want to run into Heidi Klum in space after seeing the supermodel’s costume for her 20th annual Halloween party on Oct. 31, 2019! (SplashNews)
Heidi Klum
Tom Kaulitz dresses as the unfortunate astronaut who gets stuck in space with Heidi Klum’s alien for the model’s 20th annual Halloween party on Oct. 31, 2019. (SplashNews)

As per usual, Heidi gave her followers a sneak peek of her transformation on her Instagram all day long, allowing us all to follow along during her transformation. She shared a ton of photos and videos of the process, starting with her hair getting braided and then a bald cap being molded to her headed. In one creepy video, Heidi filmed her stepping into a giant green blob, as her legs were painted a light yellow hue with bruises. She had to have a team of a few people help her pull the costume onto her body, as the gelly material was super delicate.

After revealing some snippets of her costume, Heidi then showed a full-length look at her costume which saw her in a light green bodysuit with her intestines showing out of her stomach, and a metal contraption on her crotch. Meanwhile, her head was completely bald and looked like it had real veins showing. Not only could you see her insides, but the raw muscles and tendons on her arms and legs were also so realistic, it was truly amazing.

You can see Heidi’s amazing costume and the rest of her guests on the red carpet when you click through the gallery above!

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