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Kim Kardashian Poses As Elle Woods From ‘Legally Blonde’ In Perfect Halloween Costumes

Kim Kardashian took her law career to the next level by transforming into everyone's favorite lawyer for Halloween: Elle Woods! Kim nailed the 'Legally Blonde' look with bright, blonde hair.

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Kim Kardashian dominated Halloween 2019 when she finally revealed that she was dressing up as our favorite Gemini vegetarian, Elle Woods! Kim, 38, took hours to clue fans in on what she was wearing this year, and it was certainly worth the wait. She perfectly channeled Reese Witherspoon‘s iconic character from Legally Blonde, sporting multiple costumes straight from Elle’s closet. First, Kim posed in a form-fitting, bubblegum pink dress cut very low. She accessorized with pink-tinted sunglasses and that ubiquitous sterling silver Return To Tiffany heart necklace everyone wore in 2001. She carried a fuzzy, pink pen, perfect for taking notes at Harvard Law, and, of course, donned a platinum blonde wig.

She then slipped into a green, sequined bikini for a photoshoot with a friend, who rocked the same swimsuit in blue. If that’s not authentic enough for you, Kim changed into the classic, hot pink version to — wait for it — reenact Elle’s Harvard video admissions essay! In the film, rather than writing the standard admissions essay to get into one of the most prestigious universities in the world, Elle confidently films hers with the help of her CULA sorority sisters (mostly clad in that bikini). Somehow, it works. Kim does a line-by-line reading of the video and hits every note. Watch the Reese original HERE, and scroll down to watch Kim’s version!

Kim’s Halloween costume choice is especially poignant (or at least tongue in cheek), considering that she’s currently studying to pass the California bar exam and become a lawyer after working tirelessly on criminal justice reform. What, like it’s hard?

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This is just the first costume Kim has shared for Halloween 2019, and if years past are any indication, there are way more on the way. After all, sis Kylie Jenner has rolled out three and counting!