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Elizabeth Hurley, 54, Is A Sexy Nurse For 2nd ‘Kill Bill’ Halloween Costume — Pic

Liz Hurley wanted to party on Halloween... and kill bill. Liz debuted her second costume, and it's another sexy tribute to the Tarantino film: the eye-patched assassin/nurse played by Daryl Hannah!

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Elizabeth Hurley
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Elizabeth Hurley kept up her killing streak on Halloween 2019 by rocking her second Kill Bill-themed costume of the holiday. After going as the film’s hero, The Bride/Beatrix Kiddo, she switched teams and dressed up for another party as the film’s villain: Elle Driver. The Daryl Hannah played character, also known by the codename California Mountain Snake, dons a sexy nurse costume at one point to sneak into the hospital to kill The Bride (Uma Thurman). It’s not subtle, though, considering that she has an eyepatch. Ever committed to a role, Liz rocked an eyepatch decorated with the red cross for her Halloween costume!

In a photo posted to Liz’s Instagram account on October 31, The Royals actress is posing on the dance floor at a Halloween party while rocking a tiny dress straight from the “sexy nurse” wall at Party City, along with a long, blonde wig to emulate Elle’s own locks. Liz has her arm raised high over her head, so hopefully she’s hanging onto a huge hypodermic needle, Elle’s weapon of choice to take down The Bride. Her new costume comes a few days after Liz put on The Bride’s iconic, yellow moto suit and brandished her trusty Hattori Hanzō sword. Well… hers is clearly made from tin foil, but it’s a good take on the Quentin Tarantino film nonetheless!

Who knew that Liz was such a Tarantino fan, to be honest. These costumes are a cool departure from her usual outfits, which are mostly just a collection of bikinis and sexy one-piece swimsuits. Not that we’re complaining; the swimwear designer always looks fabulous!

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Happy Halloween 😘😘😘

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