‘The Challenge’ Recap: Team U.K. Finally Wins A Challenge — But Still Loses A Player

A shocking blindside sends one of the strongest female players in the game home on the Oct. 30 episode of 'The Challenge.' Plus, Jordan and Turbo's feud comes to a dramatic end.

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The Oct. 30 episode of The Challenge: War of the Worlds 2 picks up amidst Turbo and Jordan’s fight. Turbo is pissed that Jordan called him one of the weakest players in the game. He’s taking it personally, and gets physical with Jordan before security breaks things up. Turbo is taken away from the house to cool off, which leaves everyone else in the game wondering whether or not he’ll be sent home. The main U.S. alliance of Cara Maria, Paulie, Ninja Natalie, Ashley and Kam is most concerned, as they wanted to use Turbo to take out Jordan, who’s aligned with Zach, Nany and Tori, in the next male elimination.

It’s bad news for the alliance, as T.J. Lavin reveals at the next challenge that Turbo is going home. After all, this was his second altercation with Jordan this season, and violence is not tolerated on The Challenge. The game must go on, though. At the weekly challenge, the teams have to wrestle for balls in a mud pit, then transfer the balls over the finish line. It’s played in heats of guys and girls. The guys go first, and team U.K. takes the win. Then, during the girls heat, Cara Maria puts up a good fight, but U.K. wins again, giving them a super rare challenge win.

The excitement doesn’t last long, though, as the team struggles to choose a speaker. It comes down to a vote, and since Joss, Rogan, Kayleigh and Dee, who are aligned with Cara and Paulie on team U.S., are in the majority, they vote Kayleigh as the speaker. She chooses Jenny and Joss to join her.

Meanwhile, the U.S. players have just as much trouble deciding which female they want to vote into elimination. Naturally, Nany is worried about her place in the game, as she’s in the minority alliance. The situation takes a toll on her friendship with Leroy, who has made it pretty clear that he’s willing to work with the Cara/Paulie alliance to further his place in the game — even if it has a negative affect on Nany’s game. Leroy promises not to vote Nany in, so he chooses Tori instead, which leads to Nany and Jordan blowing up at him during the deliberation. It leads to a pretty wild screaming match between the entire team, but after the vote, Tori gets picked to go in.

Considering the U.K. team has been losing players week after week, it would only make sense for the tribunal to send a strong U.S. player, like Ashley, in the elimination against Tori, so they can guarantee that one strong U.S. female will be going home. However, Kayleigh conspires with Cara and Paulie before the proving ground and comes up with an alternate plan — to vote in Georgia, from team U.K., instead. Georgia, along with Jenny and Theo, is in the opposite alliance as Kayleigh, so even though she’s one of the strongest females on the U.K. team, Kayleigh doesn’t mind the possibility of losing her.

When it comes to the vote, Jenny sticks with the original plan to vote in Ashley, but Kayleigh shocks everyone by switching things up and voting for Georgia. This leaves Joss in the middle — he wants to stand with his alliance, but he also wants to win, which means keeping HIS team as strong as possible. In the end, he goes with the alliance, and chooses to vote in Georgia. Georgia does not hide her emotions, and breaks down in tears while screaming at her teammates.

The game must go on, though, and Tori and Georgia go head-to-head in an intense elimination. It’s a super close match, but Tori wins, which means Georgia is eliminated. Now, it’s time for Tori to decide if she wants to stick with her team…or switch over to team U.K. Tori knows her own team will vote her into the next elimination, and so she becomes the first person to switch teams! We’ll have to wait and see if it was the right decision, though.

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