‘The Challenge’ Recap: Tension Erupts On Team U.S. & Theo Continues To Dominate

Jordan goes at it with Cara Maria and Turbo, while Theo and Georgia find themselves at odds with their fellow team U.K. members on the Oct. 23 episode of 'The Challenge.'

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The Oct. 23 episode of The Challenge: War of the Worlds picks up with the U.K. team feeling defeated after losing two players in a double elimination. It’s no secret that their team is split into two alliances, with Georgia, Theo and Jenny on the outs with the rest of the squad. The trio try to convince everyone else to work together, rather than with Cara Maria and Paulie’s alliance on the U.S. team, but it’s pretty clear that there’s a major divide. Meanwhile, more stress is added to the mix when Dee suffers extreme dehydration and is hospitalized overnight, leading to concerns that she won’t be able to compete when it matters.

At the challenge, the teams have to solve massive puzzles inside a giant crate that is constantly rocking back and forth and causing them to move around. The game is split into a guys heat and girls’ heat, but in both 15 minute contests, neither team is able to finish the puzzle. So, it goes to a third, sudden death round between the guys, with three puzzle pieces already placed correctly. Once again, team U.S. is victorious. Josh is chosen as the speaker for the team, and he chooses Ninja Natalie and Leroy to join the tribunal with him.

Team U.K. unanimously votes Idris in, as they agree he’s the weakest guy on the team. Idris wants to take on Theo, but the tribunal is a bit torn — Josh wants to vote Joss in and Ninja wants to vote Theo in, since she’s in Cara and Paulie’s alliance and Theo is not. This leaves Leroy, who’s played neutral the entire game, in the middle. He admittedly just wants to do what’s best for the team as a whole.

Before a decision is made, though, major tensions rise in the house. Things get heated between Theo and Paulie, and they get in each other’s faces during a fight. Security even has to come in and break things up. Paulie’s blow-up bothers a lot of people, including some of his own team members — specifically, Jordan and Tori. They’re so pissed off at how Paulie is running the game, that they’re even considering swapping to team U.K. in hopes of taking back some control.

However, this week, Jordan won’t get a chance to go into elimination and switch teams — Josh votes for Joss, but Leroy and Ninja vote for Theo, which means Theo’s back in another elimination. Josh is pissed that Leroy and Ninja, as well as other team members, are being controlled by Paulie, and he goes off about it after the vote is made.

Finally, it’s time to get to the challenge. Idris and Theo have to swing on a rope and break through a wall, then solve a puzzle that’s on the other side. Once again, Theo is victorious, which means Idris is going home. Despite the consistent losses on team U.K., Theo opts to stick with his original team rather than switching over to team U.S.

After the elimination, things come to a head between Jordan and Cara back at the house. They bicker back and forth, but it’s Ashley who really stirs the pot — she lets Turbo know that Jordan was calling him a weak player behind his back. Jordan and Turbo already have some beef, and Turbo wastes no time approaching him to defend himself. The guys go at it, and although they eventually break it up, it’s obvious that team U.S. is still majorly divided. We’ll have to wait and see how this fight ends during next week’s episode, though.

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