‘The Challenge’ Recap: 1 Team Loses 2 Players As The Game Reaches Its Halfway Point

Two allies are forced to go head-to-head in a grueling elimination as tight alliances threaten to tear both teams apart on the Oct. 16 episode of 'The Challenge: War of the Worlds 2.'

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The Oct. 16 episode of The Challenge: War of the Worlds 2 finds the game split into two alliances, rather than two teams. One alliance is led by Cara Maria and Paulie, who have Kam, Ashley and Ninja Natalie, from team U.S., on their side, along with Joss, Rogan, Kayleigh and Dee from team U.K. The other alliance consists of Jordan, Tori, Zach, Josh and Nany from team U.S., and Georgia, Theo and Kyle from team U.K. Everyone else is pretty much in the middle. At the challenge, the teams have to run across a 100 yard field and transfer 125 crates to the middle. Then they have to use the crates as steps to obtain 12 relics hanging above them. Once they’ve gotten all 12 relics, they must bring ALL the crates and relics back to the finish line.

In another dominating performance, the U.S. team wins again, and TJ Lavin shocks the group by revealing it will be a double elimination — one guy and one girl will be sent home. Ashley nominates herself as Speaker for the U.S. team, and chooses Cara and Paulie to be in her tribunal. Team U.S. wants to keep Esther out of the elimination, since she’s the weakest player on team U.K. However, Esther nominates herself and nobody on her team argues. The nomination for the guys’ side causes much more tension, though.

Joss takes it upon himself to speak up first, and he votes for Kyle, who has played the game as a ‘floater’ over the years. Joss explains that he simply can’t trust Kyle, which is why he wants to vote him in. On the other hand, Kyle is gunning for Rogan, because he doesn’t think he’s proven himself in the game just yet. After the whole team votes, Kyle is sent in.

Now, the tribunal has to pick the opponents. In an attempt to get out the strongest players possible on the other team, Cara, Paulie and Ashley unanimously vote in Georgia and Theo, which means Kyle will be going against his closest ally in the game. At the Proving Ground, the players have to transfer 25 relics of all different weights across the floor, then line them up in the correct order based on a key that they are given. To everyone’s surprise, Esther puts up a good fight, and keeps up with Georgia throughout the challenge. However, in the end, Georgia is victorious.

Kyle and Theo go into the elimination with very different strategies: Theo transfers the heaviest pieces first to get them over with, while Kyle attempts to get as far ahead of his opponent as possible by transferring the lighter pieces first at a faster speed. Unfortunately, by the time Kyle has to transfer his heavier pieces, he’s gassed out, and Theo wins the challenge, so Esther and Kyle are eliminated.

Theo and Georgia are understandably frustrated with their team, but they decide to stick it out on the U.K. side, rather than switching teams. We’ll see if it’s the right decision when The Challenge: War of the Worlds 2 continues on Oct 23!

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